Are you looking for ways to travel more? To travel better?

You are reading this blog because travel feeds a special place in your soul like nothing else.  You want to find ways to have more adventures, more getaways, more vacations. This is important enough to you that you are spending some of your limited quiet time here, dreaming about travel.  Thank you.

I understand that place.  I want to give you tools and ideas to get you traveling more and traveling better.  We have spent a good portion of our adult lives trying to find ways to travel more (including building our own small house to cut our debt so that we can afford to travel more).  I want to give you tools to help you travel more, but more importantly, I want to give you inspiration.  

I have put together an ebook to help you plan the details of your own trip.  If planning is not your thing, or you would like to have someone else do some or all of the digging for you, I also offer travel consulting services to help you put together a vacation that will be awash in meaningful travel experiences that help you learn about the world together and bring you closer as a family

We are a travel loving family of four who live in a small town in a house that we built with our own hands.  You can find out more about us here.   Thank you so much for stopping by!  

Shanna, Aaron and kiddos

Viewpoint near Klemencek Tourist Farm, Solcava Panoramic Trail
Family photo along the Solcava Panoramic Trail…this was the viewpoint near the Klemencek Tourist Farm

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Welcome along on our adventure!  Please explore the options below to get to the best of what the blog has to offer, sorted by interest.

Planning a Family Trip:

Traveling with Children: The Airport with Toddlers

Why we Are Taking Our Kids on a Cruise

The Realities of a Family Trip with a Baby

Baby Cruising: Tips for Cruising With a Baby and a Toddler

5 Lessons Learned from a Family Trip with a Baby 

7 Useful Things I learned from Traveling with Kids Alone

Best Travel Experiences:

Velo En Provence: Bicycling in the Cote du Rhone Region of Southern France

A Comprehensive Guide to Bastille Day in Carcassonne France

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo: A MUST DO When you Visit Edinburgh

Our Visit to the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam

What to See in Northern Ireland:  Let Fairies Roll Your Car Uphill at Spelga Dam

Spending St Patrick’s Day In Ireland

The Last Space Shuttle Discovery Launch:  An Experience that I will Never Forget

The Japanese Tea Ceremony in Tokyo

My First Thai Massage in Thailand

Exposing Elephant Abuse in Thailand


United States







Planning Great Travel:

Do You Want Your Travel Experiences from a Dropper or a Bucket?

Planning for a Trip?  Make Your “Hit the Ground Running” Plan for a Smooth Arrival

13 Things to Do on Your First Day in a New City

The Importance of Including Local Farmers Markets in Your Travel Plans

Preparing for Takeoff:  How Frequent Travel has Changed out Travel Preparation Routine

The Importance of Leaving Room For Flexibility in Your Travel Plans

Planning a Short Trip:  How to Get the Most Out of Your Time

The Pros and Cons of Free Walking Tours

Travel Reflections:

Traveling and World Peace:  How Traveling the World has Changed My Perspective

6 Things That I Miss Most About Traveling

How Not to be a Jerk While Traveling Internationally

Driving in France: How I Overcame my Fear of Driving in a Foreign Land

Reverse Culture Shock: 8 Things that are Irritating Me Since I Left France

Too Much Travel?  Jetlag and Other Consequences of Going Too Much

A Day of Flying Standby

Having Trouble Coming Home: The Dark Side of Travel Addiction

Boldly Go:  How Seeing the World has Lessened My Fears of Travel

Favorite Destinations:

Things to do in Nice France on a Budget

The Isle of Skye:  Awe Inspiring Scenery on Scotland’s West Coast

A Tour of the Edinburgh Royal Mile

One Perfect Day In Geirangerfjord Norway

One Day in Stockholm Sweden

Reflections from My Trip to Provence

Food Highlights:

THE BEST Key Lime Pie in Cocoa Beach, Florida

The Frito Pie: A True Santa Fe Food Experience

Foods to Travel Around the World For

The Best Fish and Chips in Scotland

Our First Tokyo Dining Experience: A Vending machine Restaurant in Tokyo

How I Overcame My Fear of Spicy Food in Thailand