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Do you want to have more travel in the coming year than the year before?  Do you need some guidance in getting started planning those trips?  Grab my free course here…it will help put rocket boosters on your travel goals!

  • All about your bucket list…why you need one and how to make one (with a fun worksheet to help you get started)
  • How to MAXIMIZE the time that you have to travel, including tips exclusive to planning weekend trips
  • All about budgeting and saving money for travel

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Travel More, Travel Now, Travel better!

Shanna is a travel expert who has been to over 40 countries, and has helped countless others plan the trips of their dreams...

…a is a passionate traveler who loves to travel the world with her kids, she wants everyone to be able to take the trips that they dream about, and start checkin’ those big things off of their bucket lists!

Shanna shares her extensive knowledge to help busy families get UNSTUCK planning the trips of their dreams.

Ready to start checking things off of your own bucket list?  

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