Are you looking for ways to TRAVEL MORE and TRAVEL BETTER?  You know that there is more to life than working the normal 9-5, taking your week or two of vacation a year and never really feeling like you are getting ahead? 

You are seeking ways to think outside of the box and shift your life to allow for more freedom and flexibility to take more vacations or maybe even travel full time? 

YOU belong in our tribe.

Do you get excited about sharing the world with your kids?  About seeing the awe and wonder in their eyes when they first set eyes on a foreign wonder or experience something incredible?  About creating meaningful travel experiences that help you learn about the world together and bring you closer as a family?

YOU belong in our tribe.

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park - Waterfall

We are Shanna and Aaron + kiddos.   When we had an opportunity to do some rearranging in our lives, we looked deeply at what brought us meaning and value.  It became clear that travel had always fed a deep place in our souls that few other things could. We had an intense, burning NEED for more travel in our lives.

We wanted MORE family vacations.  We wanted to share the world and the amazing experiences of TRAVEL with our kids.  We were yearning for more than the average week or two that most families get for vacation time here in the United States.

We shifted our thinking and really pushed hard to make travel a priority in our lives.   Once we put travel high up on our list of values (because we really feel it has so many benefits for kids and for our family as a whole) we started to arrange our lives in ways that would create more travel.

This went way deeper for us than just foregoing our fancy coffee to save money for travel, or not eating out. 

I got a part time job in the travel industry that was flexible and allowed us deeply discounted travel (I work for an airline).  This has allowed us to check so many places off of our bucket list, and it is such a blessing now that we are able to share the world with our kids.

We also built a small house with our own hands to downsize our debt and the amount of time that we need to work to pay it off.  This monumental feat was a life changing experience in itself.  

A brief moment of triumph after much struggle while building our house.

This is a rant for another post, but much of the time that we spend at work is spent to pay down the mortgage for the standard sized “McMansion” that has become the societal norm here in the United States.  What would you do if you could get that time or that money back?   

We just decided to follow our own path, and by downsizing and doing a lot (ok, just about all) of the building ourselves, we cut our debt load WAY down, making more time and money for…you guessed it.  TRAVEL. 

I don’t want to intimidate you.  I realize that building your own house is not something that will be for everyone.  I realize that not everyone has the flexibilty to rearrange their employment situation.  What I do want to do is open up your mind to the doorways and possibilities in your own life that could lead to more travel. 

Traveling with our kids has brought us to some of the biggest joys and most awe inspiring moments our life. We also want to inspire you to go and have amazing adventures with your kids as well as give you the tools and resources to find your own moments of magic with your family.

Come along on our journey of downsizing our home and our debt in order to share the world with our kids!  Follow along, be inspired and learn from our triumphs and mistakes and start along a path that will lead you TRAVEL MORE and TRAVEL BETTER.

Lets connect via e-mail so I can send you my very best, most on the point, useful travel tips and candid stories to help you TRAVEL MORE and TRAVEL BETTER!

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Travel NOW!

I know that I am at risk of sounding cliche…but I have picked up a few important lessons over the years.  One of them is that you never know what tomorrow holds for you, or the day after that.


“Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery.  Today is a gift.  That’s why it’s called the present.”

Alice Morse Earl (also used in Kung Fu Panda:-) 

You don’t need to wait until the kids are grown and you are old and retired to start checking things off of your bucket list.  We have chosen to live our dreams of travel NOW and we are bringing our kids along for the ride!  Let us show you how you can, too!

By pushing your travel dreams off into the distant future, you are selling yourself and your kids short.  What happens when you get to the end of that string of excuses and your dreams of travel still haven’t magically materialized.  No one will drop your dream vacation right into your lap.  Too often, “we don’t have money” and “we don’t have time” continue in perpetuity because they become a mindset.

Open you mind to the possibilities of the moment.  Get into the habit of taking opportunities, no matter how small, to get out of your comfort zone and to explore the world.  Small adventures set your mind up for bigger adventures.

Another amazing family travel adventure!

Once you have broken through your limiting mindset,  exploration and travel can become a priority in your life.  Your subconscious mind will look for ways to manifest that priority.  Only then will opportunities will appear to make travel happen.

Maybe you will hear from a friend of a friend that they know someone that you can stay with in a city that you have always wanted to visit.  Maybe an e-mail will tick across your desk with a SUPER deal on airfare.  Those opportunities were probably always there.  You just needed a different mindset to see them.

There is a big difference between someone who makes travel happen and someone who waits for travel to happen.  The first kind of person takes advantage of those opportunities to push themselves out of their comfort zone to see and do something new. 

The second kind of person sits at home wondering why everyone else is going on so many cool trips while they are sitting at home eating macaroni and cheese.

Which kind of person do you want to be?

How Can We Help You?

When it comes to travel, I am all about the details.  Half of the fun of travel for me is enjoyed before we ever set foot out of our door to our next adventure.  I relish the planning and dreaming stage to the fullest, soaking up every little nuance of a place and digging out every little bit of information.

Friends and family who are close to me have long known of my love for planning travel.  People in my circles started to see the amount of time and detail that I would put into planning our own family’s trips and they were asking me to offer help in planning their own adventures!

I am up to my ears in a couple of projects that will help you do just that!  Coming soon… (sign up for my e-mail list here for updates on when these valuable travel resources go live!)

  • Check out our “Start Here” page to get to the best, most popular, most useful posts on the blog.
  • Do you love the details of travel, but lack the time or experience to dig into all of those nitpicky details to plan your next vacation?  I can help you research, plan and execute your next vacation with the same attention to detail that I use for our own family trips. Check out my travel consulting page (coming soon) for more details!
  • Also coming soon…I have spent years writing down and documenting my whole travel planning process from start to finish.  I have written down all of my best resources, everything that I think about and check into, planning timelines, checklists, worksheets.  They are all coming together into the MOTHER of all travel planning ebooks and it will be available to you soon to help you get started planning your own adventures! 
Shanna and kids in Piran Slovenia
Me with the kiddos on the lovely, cobbled streets of Piran.

Forever obsessed with all those wonderful travel details,


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More About Us

Aaron and I grew up traveling the United States with our families.  These early travel experiences shaped who we are in a deep and profound way.

Those early trips gave both of us an intense and insatiable need to explore.  Even though we had both seen a lot of the US during our formative years, there were still a lot of places on our list.  I knew that I didn’t want us to wait until retirement to start checking those places off, so I opened my mind to finding a way to travel more NOW.

This is where my career journey as an airline employee started, and this was the beginning of our many crazy standby travel adventures.  Working for an airline has opened up opportunities to travel to a lot of places that otherwise might have waited until retirement.

We were able to cross a whole bunch of places off of our list before having kids in our 30’s.  We traveled like crazed maniacs, having wild adventures including spending a long weekend in Prague and going from 19 magical days cruising the Norway and the Baltic Sea to 5 days on the other side of the world in Korea a couple weeks later.

We were both blessed to have had childhood travel experiences that expanded our perspectives and fed our imaginations about the world around us.  Now we are super excited to share our travels with our kids and give them their own special travel memories.

Some other interesting things about us…we built our own house with our own two hands.  We enjoy growing and eating real food (ok, I lied….the kids are more excited about chicken nuggets).   We are ALWAYS daydreaming about our next escape.