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Welcome to There and Back Again Travel Blog, your go-to resource for family travel advice and expertise, where we help you transform your travel dreams into reality.

There and Back Again Travel is for travelers who are looking to travel more and get more out of their travel.  We are family travel experts, and we have been to over 45 countries (both with kids and without.)  We know all of the ins and outs of traveling.

Unlike many travel blogs that focus solely on the destination, we understand that the essence of travel is woven throughout the entire process—from the initial spark of inspiration to the post-trip reflections. 

Travel is more than just the trip; it’s a mindset and a lifestyle. Those envy-inducing vacations you see on social media didn’t materialize overnight; they evolved through layers of prioritizing, saving, planning, and preparation.

If you find yourself yearning for those dream trips but unsure how to bridge the gap between aspiration and actualization, we are here for YOU. 

Whether planning seems overwhelming or you’re eager to make travel a bigger part of your life, we are here to be your guide and cheerleader to help make your travel dreams happen.

There and Back Again Travel looks at the WHOLE journey of travel, not just the actual trip.  In addition to giving inspiration and information about the trip itself, we help you pull the following pieces together to help make your dream trip happen:

  • Learn how to prioritize, save and budget for travel. Learn simple things you can do to make those bucket list trips happen! 
  • No lie…traveling with kids is a little different.  We share family travel tips and advice that we have learned from traveling with our kids.
  • In depth information about the actual process of travel planning for a successful trip.  We want to make sure that no important detail is forgotten and you are able to plan a trip that fills your heart with awe and wonder.
  • We share inspiring family travel destinations (with a family centered spin, but our content is helpful for everyone) and give you all of the most important details about visiting. 
  • Maximize those opportunities to make memories during your trip and document them when you get home
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More About Us

My name is Shanna, and I have a deep love of travel.   When we had an opportunity as a family to do some rearranging in our lives, we looked deeply at what brought us meaning and value.  It became clear that travel had always fed a deep place in our souls that few other things could. We had an intense, burning NEED for more travel in our lives.

We wanted MORE family vacations.  We wanted to share the world and the amazing experiences of TRAVEL with our kids.  We were yearning for more than the average week or two that most families get for vacation time here in the United States.

We have been so blessed to have visited over 45 countries, and now it is my mission to give back and help others have some of the same types of amazing experiences that we have. 

In addition to being family travel experts, I have spent 20+ years working in various parts of the travel industry, including in hotels, for airlines and as a travel agent.  This deep professional experience gives me some insights that most average travel bloggers just don’t have.

Traveling with our kids has brought us to some of the biggest joys and most awe inspiring moments of our lives. We also want to inspire you to go and have amazing adventures with your kids as well as give you the tools and resources to find your own moments of magic with your family.

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