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Romance in Paris: Six Ideas for a Romance Filled Day

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I know that this article is sounding like a horrible cliché and it hasn’t even started yet. As a travel writer, it is somewhat expected that I will come up with something unexpected; an exotic, little heard of destination for my pick for the most romantic place on earth. Perhaps some secluded island paradise, or a secluded little town up in the alps or something.

Romance in Paris

The truth is that I tried to do that. I tried to wrack my brain, going over all of the places that we had been, looking for that little known, unexpected gem of romance. As much as I tried, I just kept coming back over and over to Paris.

There is a reason that so many people pick Paris as a top destination for romance and couples. The city oozes cuddle from every pore. Love seeps from between its cracks like a melting ice cream sandwich in the hot summer sun. It has to be something in the water (or perhaps the prolific amount of wine that everyone consumes), but whatever it is, it is almost powerful enough to have you kissing total strangers in the street!

Paris has the art of sexy down to a science (just ask my husband, because I know for a fact that he took a good look at all of the ladies with the sexy shoes and short skirts.) Even someone just wearing jeans and a t shirt in Paris somehow manages to pull sexy off.

Neon lights seen while walking near the Moulin Rouge, Paris
The soft glow of the neon lights seen while walking in the Pigalle area of Paris, near the infamous Moulin Rouge.

The first thing that comes to mind when many people think of Paris is the Eiffel tower. Many people envision a kiss under the Eiffel tower as the pinnacle of romantic moments in Paris. We never made it to the Eiffel tower (we only viewed it from afar), and I can tell you that even without a visit to this icon that Paris is the most romantic place that I have ever been.

There are so many romantic things to do in Paris that some clever person should write a book about all of it (oh, wait…someone did write a book about romance in Paris)…

Six Ways to find Romance in Paris:

  • Enjoy dinner in Monmarte and a romantic sunset from the steps of Sacre Couer, continuing on for dessert and drinks in Pigalle, Paris’ sexy red light district.
  • You could spend and afternoon meandering down the Seine River which runs through the center of the city with the goal of stealing a kiss (from your significant other only!) on each of the many bridges that crosses the river. The beautiful views of Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and other Paris landmarks are just a nice bonus!
  • Buy a lock from a locksmith near the Pont Des Arts Bridge in Paris to bring to the bridge and attach with your lover to signify your never ending devotion (or at least until the lock is removed in a month or so 😉 )
  • Another idea for romance in Paris: Enjoy a picturesque picnic and stroll in Jardin Tullieres followed by a visit to the Louvre to admire all of those nude statues 😉 )
  • Make sure that you save time for sitting and staring intently into each others’ eyes while sitting at one of Paris’ iconic sidewalk cafes over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.  Enjoy the leisure of relaxing and watching the world move by.
  • Get up early and head to one of Paris’ many open air markets.  Pick up some pastries and fresh fruit to bring back to your hotel so that you can serve your mate breakfast in bed.

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  1. Arianwen

    I went to Paris for a romantic weekend break once. We argued over his questionable map reading skills and got shouted at by a restaurant owner when we tried to ask for directions in broken French! There were romantic moments too though, obviously!

    1. Shanna Schultz

      Yeah, there are always lots of those other types of moments too. At least the trip was memorable!

  2. Will Peach

    Love the bit about the locks, didn’t know that!

    1. Shanna Schultz

      Thanks! Paris is such an awesome city. I just love it there!

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