Travel Blogs: 

  • There and Back Again Digital Designs:  Commercial Use Digital Graphics, Travel Photos, Travel Art, Instant Download
  • 1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure
  • Active Backpacker: Travel blogging, advice, guides, & tips from a fellow backpacker – go adventure!
  • All Colores: The blog, All Colores, celebrates the everyday and extraordinaire  joys of life through travel.
  • As We Travel: As We Travel is a comprehensive travel site for anyone who enjoys traveling.
  • Backpacking Matt: Exploring the unknown and offering travel advice, inspiration and ideas to the budget conscious traveler or backpacker.
  • Best Family Travel Advice: Cos traveling with family if four times as fun!
  • Big City, Little Indiana: Where to Stay, Play, and Eat in Big Cities in Indiana. Discovering Indiana’s mom and pop shops!
  • Bitten by the Travel Bug: Nicole.  Twenty-something.  Adventure seeker.  Culture finder.  Language lover.  Stuck on a plane somewhere between Melbourne and London.
  • Born 2 Travel: A lovely, entertaining travel blog by a couple of Italians
  • C’est Christine Californian by birth, traveler at heart. I believe in daring to live the life you dream, always eating dessert and the restorative power of sunshine.
  • Daves Travel Corner:
  • Travel greener, take only pictures, leave only footprints.
  • Everything Everywhere: Blog of travel blogger icon Gary Arndt.  Just like the title says.  Everything.  Everywhere.
  • Expert Vagabond: Adventure is worthwhile.  Explore your world.
  • Fleeting Life: Travel for an Inspired Life
  • Flip Nomad: Traveling does not need to be expensive, budget travel tips to get the most out of your travels and stay within your budget.
  • Fluent in 3 Months: Unconventional language hacking tips from Benny the Irish polyglot
  • Fluent in Frolicking: 30+ Solo Female Traveler.  Traveling since April 03, 2011.  Bad with learning new languages but FLUENT IN FROLICKING ;~) Sharing my musings, budget, and frolicking tips with you.
  • Four Jandals: Stepping outside your comforts zone, in comfort
  • I’m Not Home: Join Maddy and Steve as they travel around the globe; bringing you stories from places you would rather be, travel tips and Maddy’s vegetarian travel guide.
  • Jandals and a Backpack: Alaina is a nomad Kiwi who likes to share her tips for backpacking on a budget. She counts hefting her backpack around the globe as part of her regular fitness regime and has a passion for volunteering, collecting passport stamps, sampling local beers in every country and visiting some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.
  • Legal Nomads: Where culture, food and travel intersect.
  • Living the Dream: Going longer, cheaper and living your dream
  • Nomadic Samuel: Miles away from ordinary, dripping with sarcasm.  Come join me as I travel around the world.  I promise it won’t be a boring ride!
  • Nomads on the Road:  Wannabe mountain living the dream in Canada
  • The Runaway Guide: When I was 16 I ran away from home and explored much of Europe and the Middle East without a dime. Now I’m 23 and still on the run. Travel is my life blood, Kerouac and Grylls my roll models. Join me and learn how to runaway and travel the world.
  • Santa Fe Travelers: The experts in travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Southwest Compass: Pointing Southwest Travelers in the Right Direction .
  • Stranded Passengers: Traveling the world and getting lost every step of the way!
  • That Backpacker: Travel, languages and all things foreign.
  • The Longest Way Home: A global quest in search of a place called home
  • This Graasya on the Road: Grasya loves travel, coffee and poetry.  Check out her tales of her travels and of her IT/tech addiction!
  • Travel Accomplice:  A great blog and personalized travel planning services.  A great resource for planning your trip!
  • Travel advice and stories from those who’ve been there and done that. We’ve brought together the internet’s finest travel bloggers and asked them to share their unique insight into all things travel.
  • Travelling King: Budget travel to luxury travel in Thailand and Australia for everyday guys and girls.
  • Travel Tales from Asia:  One girl’s stories and tips from the east
  • TravelerSC: A blog about going to new places and exploring the depths of the world, traveling through it’s vast destinations of land.
  • Traveling Savage  Exploring Scotland and getting Scotched [some great travel info about one of my favorite countries from a talented writer]
  • Top Backpacking Destinations Great budget travel information
  • Unfinished Man Travel:  Travel information of particular interest to men.
  • Y Travel Blog Caz and Craig have been traveling and living around the world since 1997.  These are their stories.
  • Nomadic Notes Travel Blog: Adventures and travel stories of a digital nomad.
  • Trail of Ants:  Scrape an Englishman off the fens, add a blunt pencil and a travel plug and what have you got? Me, myself and I: Ant Stone.
  • Wandering On: Travel Tips, photos, videos and stories from the road.
  • The anti-travel website.  I can’t explain it, you just have to go see it for yourself…
  • Worldwide Travel Advice: Your first stop for global travel insights, tips and advice
  • You VS the Globe: Take on the world and win!

Airport Guides:

  • Stuck at the Airport Tips for what you should do when you are stuck at the airport and other airport specific news.
  • Layover Guide Great info about what to do when on a layover in specific airports across the world.

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