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focuses on inspiring readers to travel with their children.  We believe deeply in the benefits of travel for children.  We see it offering our kids a wider perspective on the world and more tolerance for others.  Quite simply, we believe that travel can influence kids and change the world for the better.  We are passionate about giving other families the tools and inspiration that they need to make their own family travel adventures.

Our travel style fits the budget of the majority of traveling families.  We focus on kid friendly mid-range to budget offerings (with the occasional worthy splurge) that offer good value.  These types of offerings are going to resonate well with the readers and social media followers of this blog.

I have a passion for details when it comes to travel, and these are what I love to share with my readers.  There is just too much bland travel writing out there.  Who really needs another list of “Top ____ to do in Location“?  I don’t like to take the time to craft a piece of writing unless it is going to add real value.  When I write about your destination, I will work to create a detail oriented piece that will give your potential guests/customers the inspiration AND information that they need to book with you.

What I Can Do For You:

My goal is for you to get a good return on your investment in our travels, and direct my readers to travel businesses that will help make their family vacations unforgettable.   Here are some of the things that I can offer, depending our your needs and the level of our collaboration:

Blog Post / Review:  I will ALWAYS write a detailed review of our experience focusing on the aspects that are most relevant to traveling families.  Every piece that I write is carefully crafted to be found by search engines.  This means that the post/s that I write will continue to be found by your potential customers for years to come.

TripAdvisor Review:  I will happily write a detailed review and share it on TripAdvisor (or other relevant review site, if you wish)

Social Media: I will share generously to my social media channels (focusing on the channels that are most important to you).  I have a combined social media following of 9,000 plus!  I also make a point of tagging/sharing with other local/regional tourism organizations to extend my social media reach even further.

Videos:  I can create a video of our experience to help give your business added exposure

About Us:

Cruise 8We are a travel addicted family of four living in Montgomery, Minnesota.  We live in a small house that we built with our own hands which has brought us (literally) closer together as a family and has opened up more opportunities for travel and adventure.  We look forward to sharing the world with our kiddos (currently both under the age of 6).

My love of travel has compelled me towards a career in the travel and hospitality industry.  I have been working with travelers (first in the hotel industry and more recently in the airline industry) for 15 years.  This has given me a unique perspective on the small details of what makes a stress free and memorable vacation for my readers.  I love to convey this ‘insider’ perspective to my readers and give them well researched, detailed travel information.

Popular Posts:


Previous Media Collaborations:

I worked with the Dublin Tourim folks MANY years ago (it was my first media collaboration).  You can see from the stats below that my content continues to provide steady ROI over time.  These posts and videos have been seen by a lot of eyes!

My readers LOVE cruise related content!  Posts about cruises get some of the highest traffic rates on my blog, and readers are eager for more (the bounce rate on cruise posts on my blog is significantly lower than my blog’s average.  Readers often continue on to other cruise related content).


This summer I collaborated with the Salzburg Tourism Board to co create a Facebook live video as well as a series of blog posts.

 Hotel Reviews

Nitty Gritty (why you should work with me!)

Collaboration Strategy:  There and Back Again Travel Blog is actively looking to build long term, stable, mutually beneficial relationships with tourism providers and promoters.  I look forward to collaborating with you to find the best ways that I can help you to promote your product and to make a win/win situation for our mutual consumers.  I welcome creative marketing strategies and out of the box thinking.  Let me know what your needs are and what you are thinking about and lets find a way to make it work!

Target Audience/Demographics:  There and Back Again Travel Blog targets middle of the road travelers who are limited on time/and or money, but want to get the most value out of the time and money that they have.  This inclusive focus works well with a wide range of travel offerings, ranging from a those of a “backpacker” travel style to those from a more “luxury” travel style, as well as everything in between.  By including a wide range of travel offerings into a “value” centered approach, advertising on There and Back Again Travel Blog gives you access to the widest possible target audience.

Sponsored Travel/Press Trips:  I am very open to collaborating with travel and tourism providers who are looking for a more personal avenue for promoting their product or brand by sponsoring my travels.  Sponsorship is a great way for hotels, restaurants, tour companies and other travel service providers to create a more personal, lasting impression with my readers than other, more traditional advertising methods provide.

Sponsorship opportunities will be evaluated based on what I feel There and Back Again Travel Blog can offer to the sponsor, as well as whether the opportunity is a good fit for my readers.   My extremely flexible and frequent travel style allows me to consider sponsored travel opportunities in a wide range of destinations.

In exchange for  sponsorship, I commit to writing an appropriate number of posts to tell my readers about my experience with your company, as well as creating video and/or audio footage (content from sponsored travel will be labeled as such for my readers, and of course I will always write my honest opinion about a place, whether my travel there was sponsored or not).

Let me know what you are thinking of and I would love to find creative ways to collaborate with you!

Advertising Options:

For advertising rates and guidelines, please visit this page.  Please e-mail for an advertising password.

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