Shanna on Mountain in KoreaI am excited about collaborating with you as a freelance writer to create a piece that is as unique as your company is!

I do not believe in a cookie cutter approach to writing and I look forward to working with you to ensure an unique piece that meets your needs and is engaging and informative for your readers.

I love to create pieces that are customized to the target audience that will be reading them, giving them information that they can use and creating lasting positive impressions of your business or company.

To answer more of the questions that I know are pouring into your head [as you excitedly think about the benefits of working with me]…

  • My core writing expertise is in the areas of travel and wellness.
  • My rates are flexible, depending on the complexity of the project.  A general guideline is $2.00/100 words (if you are looking for a longer piece, I am able to offer a small discount).  This works out to $10 for a 500 word article (a very reasonable fee for high quality, unique work that is customized to your needs).
  • My turnaround time is usually 1-3 days for shorter pieces (500 words or under) and 4-7 days for longer pieces.  Pieces requiring more research will require more turnaround time than ones about topics that I am already familiar with. I want to make sure that I give you the best possible outcome, so I thank you for your patience if your piece needs a a couple of extra days so that I can present a comprehensive and well rounded piece of writing.

Shanna on the balcony on the Eurodam saying goodbye to Amsterdam

  • Samples of my travel writing can be seen on my blogs – There and Back Again Travel and A Midwest Travel Companion.  My extensive travel experience gives me a solid foundation of knowledge that allows me to write competently about a wide range of travel related subjects and destinations.
  • I have also been involved in the health and wellness industry for 10 + years as a massage therapist and educator, and have written a number of published pieces about health and wellness.  My published work in the health field includes an engaging piece about stone massage titled “Walking With Stones” that was published in a local wellness publication.  My health and wellness portfolio also includes an informative piece about Energy Work titled, “Healing Hands: A Native American Healing Modality”.
  • Rates for Social Media Posting:  I am happy to help you achieve your social media marketing goals by posting regularly and consistently to your preferred social media channels!Social media strategies differ widely in methods and application, but there is one thing that they all virtually agree on.  If you are not posting regularly and consistently, you are not getting the maximum yield for your time.I can help you reach your social media goals by sourcing high quality content and posting it to your various social media sites on a consistent, regular schedule.

 ———————————–1-2x/week          3-4x/week          5-6x/week

1 social media site————-$NA—————$10/wk———–$15/wk

2 social media sites————$10/wk————$15/wk———–$20/wk

3 social media sites————$15/wk———–$20/wk———–$25/wk

4 social media sites————$25/wk———–$30/wk———–$35/wk

5 social media sites————$30/wk———–$35/wk———–$40/wk

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!  I look forward to talking with you to discuss your needs for quality, original written pieces in more detail!

Warm Regards,



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