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Norway, here we come! Photo by Percita

Looking Down the Road: We’re Going to Norway!

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Fjord in Norway
Norway, here we come! Photo by Percita

Norway, a land of beautiful fjords and epic scenery.  A land filled with lots of snow and  pure, clean water.

A land that I considered too expensive until we got an incredible deal on a seven day cruise to Norway in August.  Norway, here we come!

Sleeping and eating on the cruise ship will bring a visit to Norway within our budget (not to mention the fact that it will allow us to experience the Fjords from the incredible vantage point of the water!)

So, what experiences am I most looking forward to in Norway?

Three relaxing days cruising the fjords: I am really looking forward to relaxing on a deck chair reading a book and watching the lush, green fjords drift by.  As a bonus, the sun doesn’t set in Norway in summer time until almost10:00pm, giving me more time to get that perfect photo.

Viking ship in the Viking Museum in Olso, Norway.
Viking ship in the Viking Museum in Olso, Norway. Photo by Jorn_petterson

Learning about the Vikings in Oslo:  Yes, I am from Minnesota, and no, I am not talking about our pathetic football team.  I am a history geek, and seeing real, honest to gosh Viking ships at the Viking Ship Museum is something that makes me really excited!

The Flam Railway:  This railway was literally build right through the mountains, and it is considered one of the steepest railroads in the world (more than 80% of the 20 kilometer route is on a 55% grade).  The route includes steep curves, one of a kind water falls, fjords and pristine mountain lakes.  This is a must do on our list!

Flam Railway in Norway
The Flam Railway in Norway. Photo by Percita

Pulpit Rock:  Pulpit rock seems to be one of those iconic Norway images that I keep seeing as I am doing my travel research around the internet.

I know, that also means that it is touristy (though I am hoping that 4 hours of hiking will discourage many of the people on the cruise ship with us that day from seeing it on foot.)  The reward for my efforts-an incomparable vista and burning off a few calories from the cruise.


Anybody else been on a cruise to Norway?  Any recommendations about what to see in Norway ?

Anybody else on the Ryndam with us departing Amsterdam on August 11th?

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  1. Andrea

    I think a cruise will be a great way to see Norway. Seems to be a popular one – every time I go into town there are massive cruise ships docked in the harbour. You’ll love it – and cheers for the link =)

    1. Shanna Schultz

      We love cruising, so I am really looking forward to this trip. We like land travel, too, but cruising and traveling on land are two completely different things.

      On land, you get more time to spend in a location and thus I feel like you get a deeper insight for what that place is really like.

      Cruising does feel a little superficial in comparison (you usually only get 6-8 hours in each place) but it is much more relaxing than traveling on land (no worries about where to go, how to get there, where to sleep, etc.)

  2. Audrey

    hi there,
    question; I’m planning travel with my children (12+8)
    I know cruises to this destination are more populair for ‘older’ people but still we are thinking we
    would really love this…were there a lot of childeren on your cruise in august??
    regards, Audrey
    the Netherlands

    1. Shanna

      There weren’t a ton, but Holland America also generally targets a clientele of older folks, anyways. It wasn’t that there weren’t any kids, there were (and the ones that we did see were having a great time on the ship with the kids activities.) I would suspect that a cruise line like Royal Caribbean (which does do Norway cruises) might attract more families with kids…

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