Looking Down the Road: New Years Eve in Portland, OR?!?!

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Portland Oregon Skyline

Our New Years Eve plans may have just taken an abrupt detour. Las Vegas was in the works, but some key elements in our plans didn’t come together and when I started considering the expense and crowds in Las Vegas on New Years Eve, other options started to look more appealing. So, where have we decided to go?

Waiiiiiitttt….don’t look ahead.  You are anticipating somewhere really exciting or unique………….. Of all the places in the world that we might end up in New Years Eve, I think that we might end up in Portland, OR.

I know, you are probably having the same reaction that I was having initially.  What the heck is there to do in New Years Eve in Portland, OR, and what would possess us to consider this unconventional option?

Portland, OR is the super sneaky, ninja hideout for New Years Eve.  Who the heck thinks of flying to Portland the celebrate New Years Eve (this is a big point for us to consider, as airline employees, we fly standby…so finding an out of the way gem is always a good thing.)

Another benefit of flying to Portland for New Years Eve is that we can continue right on from there to our flight to Tokyo Japan (en route to Bangkok.)  It will be a lot less hectic than making the multiple connections that we would have needed to make had we flown out of Las Vegas.  And the logistics of flying out of Portland will get us to Thailand one day sooner!

So, what the heck are we going to do in Portland on New Years Eve?  Here are the options that we are considering (there are actually a surprising number of cool parties going on in Portland on NYE:)

Taste of Sin 2012: “Taste of Sin” 2012 is an amazing collaborative party full of visual and musical entertainment, specializing in the Strange, Erotic and Debaucherous.  Your inner-rock star’s going to love it! Strange, erotic and debaucherous?  Sounds like it is right up my alley!

Helium Comedy Club:  New Years Eve comedy show with Al Madrigal. Laughs, party favors, dessert buffet and champagne toast at midnight…this is another worthy option.

Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade (the nerdy option): Free classic video games all night? Oh yes, it’s on! Ground Kontrol takes on New Year’s in nerdy style with FREE PLAY (well, free after a $15 admission) from 5pm until 2am as well as great music. Try to set a record on the six-player X-Men, Smash TV, original Mario Bros., or any of the 90 other games. Drinks are extra; you can also buy classic home video game cartridges if you’re into that kind of thing.

No matter what we decide, I am sure it will be a stellar time…now do we choose the X-rated option, the comedy option or the nerdy option?  

New Years Day Brunch Options:  I have it on good authority from a Portland local that brunch is THE thing to do on Sunday, but particularly on New Years Day Sunday, when one has partied a little to hard and is showing a little wear and tear. A couple mimosas or bloody Marys can make the day a little more cheerful.  Check out these local recommendations for New Years Day Brunch:

The Screen Door:  Specializing in hearty, southern fare made with fresh, local ingredients, this restaurant looks like just the ticket for a lazy New Years Day morning.  High on my list of things to try are the bananas foster french toast and the Cajun scramble.  Hubby would probably opt for the hearty sounding farm grits with stone ground cheddar, ham, poached eggs and provolone.

Bread and Ink Cafe:  A Portland staple for over 25 years, this restaurant also specializes in local and natural ingredients.  Their breakfast menu is making me salivate just from reading it.  Highlights include a bacon and blue cheese omelette with rosemary, bananna caramel pancakes and verde enchilada.  Yum!

Do you ahve any other suggestions for great New Years Eve or New Years Day happenings in Portland, OR?

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