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Dublin Mongolian Barbecue

Budget Dining Restaurant in Dublin: Healthy, Inexpensive Cuisine at Dublin’s Mongolian Barbecue

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Mongolian Barbecue, Dublin Ireland.
Next time you need inexpensive, filling, healthy food in Dublin check out the Dublin Mongolian Barbecue!

After a heaping helping of greasy wonderfulness in the form of the “best fish and chips in Ireland” yesterday, I found myself needing intake of a vegetable other than a potato. I found what I was looking for in the form of the Mongolian Barbecue, centrally located in the Temple Bar area of Dublin.

For anyone who has never been to a Mongolian Barbecue, let me give you a quick recap. You take a bowl and fill it with fresh vegetables and raw meat from a buffet. You choose which sauces you want to put on it. When you have heaped your bowl to maximum capacity, it is given to the grill guys (or girls) who place your creation on a flat grill for cooking while you watch. It is returned to you once cooked in a fresh bowl for your enjoyment.

Mongolian Barbecue, Dublin Ireland.
The grill at the Mongolian barbecue in Dublin, where all of the magic takes place!

Fresh vegetables and meat grilled in front of us was just what I needed today. For lunch, the Dublin Mongolian Barbecue offers a good sized bowl of meat and veggies and a bowl of rice that has kept me going all afternoon and into the evening. All at a price of 5 Euros, which is a great bargain by Dublin standards (there are a lot of 3-5 euro lunches around, but from what I saw, I didn’t think they would offer enough calories to fill me up for any length of time, let alone 2 hungry males.)

So, if you are on a budget and want something healthy while wandering around, make a stop at the Mongolian Barbecue  restaurant in Dublin at 7 Anglesea Street, Temple Bar.

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