What I Regret About the Winter

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Regret is not supposed to be healthy, but as mommies, I think that some regret is inevitable. We are always trying to do the very best for our kids, and when we miss opportunities for activities that would be fun or beneficial for them, I think we can’t help it. To help alleviate your mommy guilt (and show you that I am right there with you) here are some of the things that I regret about not doing last winter.

Winter here in Minnesota is finally over!  We are finally hitting 50 degrees here again after 5 months, and I saw the first peeks of spring poking through as I hopefully perused my garden the other day.

I know that this will come off sounding cliché, but my kids are growing up so fast!  I am acutely aware everyday that my time with these precious little people close to me is limited, and that someday they will move on to their own lives and their own families.

I think that SOME regret can be healthy as long as we don’t wallow in it and we use it as an impetus to improve and fine tune out priorities for our family.

My purpose in writing this it to remind myself what to make SURE we do next year and to give you a reminder to make sure that you check those things off your bucket list as they come up.  It is so easy to say no, to make an excuse for not getting out and doing something. It’s too cold. We are too busy. It’s too expensive. I found myself doing a fair bit of this myself this dull, dreary winter.

The road of excuses is a slippery slope, and if we don’t break the habit of finding ways to say no, we could all be sitting here once our kids are graduating wondering where a all of that time went.

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Snow pile winter 2018/2019
There was SO MUCH SNOW this winter! It was unbelievable!

Snow Tubing and Sledding:  

We went right from almost no snow in December straight into deep freeze in January this past winter.  Seriously. The kids were home from school one week for 4 days in a row because of the brutal, freezing temperatures.  When it is that cold, it is just too cold to be outside. Despite the misery, before I knew it March was here and our window of opportunity for these iconic winter activities has closed.  

An Ice Castle:  

We really wanted to get out to see the ice castle this last year.  Unfortunately, on all of the days that we had open to do this were just too dared cold.  

Sometimes they build an ice castle as part of our Winter Carnival, but that was not the case this year.  As an alternative, this company builds a number of ice castles around North America (they look really neat!)  A definite must on our bucket list for next winter.

St Paul Winter Carnival Ice Castle
The ice castle from the St Paul Winter Carnival a couple years back

More Ice Skating:  

My son (who was 5 this year) really enjoyed the few times that we were able to get out and get skating this last winter, but I had hoped that his skating skills would have progressed a little more with a few more times.  This guilt is fortunately something that can remedy – we are hoping to hit the indoor rink a few times before next winter.

Son ice skating
Man, I was really hoping to get a little more skating practice in this winter!

Snow Shoeing:  

Man, there was so much snow this year.  It would have been a perfect year to go snowshoeing!  My son had been asking about doing this and I am sure he would have really enjoyed it.  Next winter, both kids will be a little older and maybe they will both be able to go. Sigh.

What activities are typically on your winter bucket list?  What was your favorite thing that you did with your kids this last winter?  Let’s inspire each other do do more amazing things with our kids!

In poking around the internet while writing this, I came across this book of short stories about regret and thought it sounded interesting.

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