Nice is nice! Escaping on a French Holiday!

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France is whispering in my ear.  “Come, Mon Cherie, visit me please?  It has been too long since you enjoyed my fine wines, luscious foods and excellent pastries“.

Really, I am spoiled.  It has been too long.  It has been two years since our last international adventure.  Pregnancy, then baby took its toll on my travel adventuring lifestyle.  Now he is 10 months old and it is time to go again!   We are really ready for our French holiday.

Mediterranean, South of France

We got to spend one day in Nice on a cruise ship stop, many, many years ago.  We were there around Christmas time and really enjoyed wandering through Nice’s lovely Christmas market and old town.

Nice is so close to Italy that Italian influence is everywhere, from the architecture to the food.  In addition to the abundance of Nicoise specialty foods, we can indulge on authentic Italian food and gelato.  Definitely lots and lots of gelato.

Lavender, Cote du Rhone, France
Lavender in the South of France

I have some ideas about what we want to see, but nothing is set in stone.  My only real requirement is that each day should start with a visit to the Cours Saleya Market (one of the largest markets in the south of France, featuring local foods, fish, crafts and produce).

Every perfect day should start with a visit to the local market, don’t you think?


A Cheese shop in the market in Nice France
A Cheese shop in the market in Nice France

Traveling with a 10 month old to another country=big new adventure.  Check back for details about the great things we see in eat in France next week!

What travel plans are you most excited about this summer?

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