Markets of the World: Borough Market London

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Getting there, sort of

We got out of the London Bridge underground station at Borough High Street. The map I had showed that the entrance to Borough Market was right in front of the tube exit, so we crossed the street and started looking.

But nothing.

We went into some alleys, looked behind some corners.

Still nothing.

Then we decided to head back to the tube exit and start all over again. As we got ready to cross the street to where we came from,, there it was. Some sort of gate with ‘Borough Market’ in huge letters above it.

borough market food

You see, the Borough High Street exit of London Bridge underground station is located at a point where the street splits in two. When we got out of the underground we had just looked in front of us and presumed we were looking in the right direction, while the entrance to the market had been behind us!

We had a laugh at ourselves and crossed the street – this time in the right direction.

Sights, sounds and smells

It was about lunch time when we walked onto Borough Market London and the smells coming from the different food stands immediately appealed to my stomach.

borough market candy

Cheese, vegetables, meat, sandwiches, pastries …

There was so much to choose from.

We had a few samples before I saw what I really wanted to try: dumplings.

borough market dumplings

I’d read about dumplings on several of the travel blogs I follow and was curious to know if they really were that good. So when I saw a stand selling dumplings I went for it. My dad, London travel partner and fellow food lover wanted a bite as well and we decided to share a portion.


Now I know that these dumplings probably weren’t as great as the ones you get in Asia, but they definitely tasted fine by me!

Have you ever tried out something new while visiting a market?


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