Looking Down the Road: Two weeks in Thailand

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ThailandStay tuned in the next few weeks.  There is some exciting travel that is about to take place.  We are heading for two weeks in Thailand !

Hubby and I area leaving for our first trip to Thailand on New Years Eve.  We will be making a stop in Las Vegas for some New Year’s Eve party time, then on to Tokyo Japan, en route to Bangkok, Thailand.

It will be 4769 miles to Seattle to Tokyo, then another 5452 miles from Tokyo to Bangkok (that equals a lot of flying!)

Once in Thailand, we are planning on spending a couple days recovering from our jetlag on the beaches of Ko Samet, then back through Bangkok to catch a plane up to Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand.  We will spend the bulk of our trip in and around Chiang Mai, before returning to Bangkok for a brief visit before flying back through Tokyo.

I know some people will disagree with my thoughts on this, but we have decided

Monks in Thailand
Monks in orange robes in Thailand

to minimize our time in Bangkok.  I know that some people really LOVE Bangkok, but I have talked with a few friends whose opinions on the matter I trust and happen to agree with (at least as far as our own personal tastes are concerned.)

Bangkok is huge, dingy and chaotic.  This is what I have been told, and other than a quick tour of the highlights, I have been convinced that there isn’t anything here that we won’t see in Chiang Mai.  Given that in the past, we have always enjoyed smaller towns more than big cities, I think that this is the right decision for our trip.  If you have reasons for me to think otherwise, please convince me.

Street food in Thailand
Street food spring rolls, greek samosas and bananna spring rolls covered in sweetened condensed milk, all served in eco friendly bananna leaf bowls.

I am most looking forward to the food in Thailand, the people, the beautiful scenery and to receiving many different styles of Thai bodywork.  Being a massage therapist myself, healing traditions of other cultures fascinate me and I hope to be writing a  blog post about my bodywork experiences in Thailand.

Stay tuned for updates from our two weeks in Thailand !


Have you been to Thailand?  Any travel advice to share?

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