Le Pont Du Gard: A Roman Aqueduct in Provence France

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It was hot today. Sweating, clothes soaked, really need a shower hot. We got our first real dose of south of France sunshine at le Pont du Gard Aqueduct in Provence France.le Pont du Gard

For obvious reasons, the first city that people think of when they think of Romans is Rome, but the Romans were conquerors and they left their mark all over Europe.  The south of France has more than its’ fair share of Roman structures to go around.

Our target this morning was le Pont Du Gard Aqueduct. It was built by the Romans in the 1st century AD as a means to carry water into the growing city of Nimes. The aqueduct, located not for from Avignon, was one of the most impressive and well preserved that I have ever seen.

The aqueduct was easy to find from Avignon. The route was very well posted, and after the longest series of roundabouts that I think I have ever driven through, we had arrived at le Pont Du Gard.

View Avignon to Pont du Gard in a larger map

The parking area and entrance is a short hike from the aqueduct (it took us about 10 minutes).  The path is completely paved and level, making this site easily accessible for those who are mobility impaired.

While walking around and enjoying the impressive aqueduct we many French families enjoying a relaxed afternoon of picnicking on the banks and swimming in the river that flows underneath the it.Families picnicking at le Pont du Gard Aqueduct

After doing the tourist thing and taking many photos of the aqueduct from below, we ventured upwards to gain a different perspective.  There are many hiking trails on the hills around the aqueduct to explore the Mediterranean landscape and to get some great photos.

The site also offers a museum and a lovely restaurant as well as a movie about the Aqueduct and its history.  Plan for 1-2 hours for a short visit, more if you want to stay to picnic, swim or hike.

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