Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica, Llanes Asturias – The Most Beautiful Place that We Have Ever Stayed

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High up in the hills in a quiet corner of northern Spain, Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica Asturias stands out in my heart.  It was a tiny anchor of tranquility in a trip that was not without some chaos and stress.  This unique alojamiento Asturias was truly one of the most beautiful places that we have ever stayed.    

Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica is a magnificent collection of authentically resorted farm buildings set on a working farm in Asturias Northern Spain. I truly don’t know how one could find a more beautiful place when looking for hotels in northern Spain.

The word “alojamiento” in Spanish means accommodation, but at La Montana Magica Alojamiento Asturias, they really take accommodation to a deeper level. 

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The Location of Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica

The farm is centrally located in Asturias in Northern Spain. It is tucked away in a quiet village up in the Asturias hills, but it is close to many of the activities and sites that you will want to visit in Asturias, Spain. The nearest decent sized village is Llanes Asturias, to give you an idea of where you are looking on the map.

Our Room at Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica

We were made to feel cared for and at home from the moment that we arrived. We were checked in by a lovely gentleman who was ever so patient with my limited Spanish skills.  Despite the language difference, he gave us a lovely overview of the property and its many nooks and crannies.

We stayed in the main farm house in the “duplex”.  This room is a perfect space for a small family. It is a two level room with a queen sized bed on the upper floor and a sofa bed on the lower.

They happily provided us with an extra child bed, so it could easily accommodate two adults and two children. If you need more space, they offer larger apartments with kitchens nearby which look equally lovely.

The duplex room has a lovely stone fireplace in the corner, and a whirlpool tub in the large bathroom. It felt indulgent to soak in the big tub each night after the kids went to sleep.

The room has a rustic quality to it, with exposed stonework and beams.  The room smelled faintly of wood smoke from the fireplace, which we used one night to build a pleasant fire in to enhance the atmosphere and take the chill out of the air.

Our room at Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica en Asturias
The main bedroom upstairs was lovely, with those beautiful, rough hewn wood beams to gaze at.
The view from the windows of our room at Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica en Asturias
Views from the window in our room at La Montana Magica.

Our room was well appointed and graced with a few thoughtful touches that gave it a luxurious feeling.  The bathroom had some really nice toiletries and a bag of lavender bath salts for the giant whirlpool tub.  I later learned that these are made from essential oil of lavender that is grown and distilled right on the property. 

Our pillows and beds were adorned with sprigs of this lavender. My kids really loved this and I think we are going to need to grow lavender at home now because they liked it so much.

Outside, the room has a lovely patio from which we had the most breathtaking views of the Picos de Europa mountains.  The patio opens onto a lovely green space for the kids to run around, which led down the lane to the beautiful pastures.   

Our amazing porch at Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica en Asturias
The beautiful view from the porch in front of our room at La Montana Magica.
Our bathroom at Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica en Asturias was stocked with really lovely bath goodies.
The bathroom in our room at La Montana Magica, Asturias Spain.
The AMAZING whirlpool tub in our room.  The room came with hand made lavender bath salts for the tub. Yum!
The bathroom in our room at La Montana Magica, Asturias Spain. The jetted tub was really nice after the kids went to sleep each night.
Our kids sitting out on the porch of our room.
The kiddos sitting on the porch at La Montana Magica.

The property felt less like a hotel and more like “home”.  The rooms are private, but they all have access to a shared living room space with a computer to use.   This gave us a little room to spread out and explore. The kids ran around in the big yard and enjoyed picking lavender and visiting the horses and cows each day. 

If you need room for a family gathering or a party, they also have a really lovely game room that is apart from the rest of the buildings.  The location is nice because you will not disturb anyone with noise.

The shared living room space next to our room at La Montana Magica Alojamiento Rural en Asturias
This was the living room that was free for everyone to use, just adjacent to our room.
The kids running down the path to the pastures.
The kids running down the lane to the pastures at La Montana Magica.
The lovely game and party room at the farm was separate from the rest of the buildings.
The party/social room at La Montana Magica. This would be a great place to hang out with friends or family.

How To Best Plan Your Time at Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica Asturias

When we put Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica into our Northern Spain itinerary, we realize now that we had entirely the wrong perspective. 

We had thought of it just as a beautiful place to stay. In reality, this alojamiento Asturias is more than just a place to sleep. It really is a destination in and of itself!

The amazing pastures at the farm have been used as a filming site for many commercials and movies.
An amazing view of the pasture overlook right down the lane from our room at Montana Magica.
The Asturias horses in their pasture on the farm.
The pasture here was really beautiful. Carlos of la Montana Magica told me that commercials and movies are often filmed here and I can see why.

The beauty of the place is mesmerizing.  I could have spent chunks of every day just looking at the beautiful view from our porch.  Carlos, the farms ever accommodating owner, mentioned to me that the farm is so beautiful that there are frequently commercials and movies that use it as a filming location.  

We could easily have spent more time meandering around the farm, visiting the horses, goats and cows and smelling the fragrant lavender that grows all around the property.

The amazing views of the Picos de Europa Mountains from our room
The beautiful view from just outside of out room at La Montana Magica.
My son feeding the horses on the farm.
Stiegg feeding the greedy horses.
Beautiful cows on the farm.
Moo…a cow in the pasture at La Montana Magica.
The farm's herd of sheep.
The herd of lawnmowers at La Montana Magica. They turn these guys loose on the hills to keep them neat!

The Food at la Montaña Mágica

We need never have left for food, as we were treated to lovely, authentic meals right in the farm’s own dining room.  The dining room staff was so accommodating about my tentative Spanish skills.  I asked many continual questions about how to say things in Spanish.  I think they learned as much about English as I did about Spanish…it was mutually beneficial.

Our dinners offered a variety of local specialties. We also enjoyed Asturian cider with dinner produced in small batches right on the farm.  Breakfast was light but offered local meats and cheeses, freshly squeezed juice, fresh bread and homemade jams and jellies. Breakfast on the weekend also included yogurt.   

The dining room at Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica en Asturias
The dining room at La Montana Magica. It was a lovely space to eat in. Here, we had some of the best meals of our whole trip!
Dinner on the farm each night was lovely.
Dinner at La Montana Magica.
Dinner on the farm each night was lovely.
Dinner at La Montana Magica.
We enjoyed locally made cider at dinner each night.
A typical set up for drinking cider at dinner.
Breakfast each morning was simple but lovely.
Breakfast at La Montana Magica was simple but really good. Fresh juice, fruit, cheese and meat, sweet bread and toast with home made jam and jelly were served each morning.
They served the kids spaghetti and meatballs one night at dinner which was a big hit!
My son eating spaghetti (we were just happy to have a meal that he really loved, as eating was a little hit or miss on this trip.)

What to do Near Montaña Mágica

For those that love to walk, there are a plethora of amazing hikes that you can begin right on your doorstep.  You can venture from your doorstep into the beautiful hills and down Northern Spain’s amazing coastline. 

The farm is ideally located for exploring the spectacular Northern Spain beaches nearby and the charming towns of Ribadsella and Llanes.    It is also close to Lake Covodonga, which are actually two beautiful mountain lakes in the Parque Nacional Picos de Europa Asturias.

The Parque Nacional Picos de Europa Asturias contains some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in Spain, and it is accessible as a day trip from your accomodations.  Potes Spain and the Teleferico Fuente De Cable Car are also a nice day trip from the farm. If you are looking for an alojamiento Picos de Europa, this is a wonderfully centrally located place to stay! 

Hiking trails from La Montana Magica Alojamiento Rural en Asturias
There are a number of beautiful hikes that you can start right from the farm!  The blue one to the left to Mirador al mar was short and easy and gave us great views of the farm from above!

More About the Farm and How it Came to Be

Carlos is the owner and driving force behind this piece of true Spanish paradise.  This unique property has been his life’s passion for 20+ years.  Carlos recounted to us the story of visiting the area as a tourist just as we were doing. He fell deeply in love with the special magic of the place and never left. 

The fruits of his labor can now be enjoyed by the wider world in the form of a beautiful, restful alojamiento rural en Asturias and a nearby collection of home-like apartments that can accommodate groups and families of all sizes.

Views of the farm. Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica en Asturias
Views of the buildings, Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica.
Views of the farm. La Montana Magica Alojamiento Rural en Asturias
Pictures of the beautifully restored farm buildings at Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica.
Farm buildings
We saw many of these buildings throughout northern Spain. It appears to be a grain storage building. They are all up on these pillars to keep them off the ground and I THINK those stones at the top are to keep mice out.

Carlos detailed to me during our stay the process of building the farm by renovating the original farmhouse on the property more than 20 years ago.  The renovations and building have continued over the years to include more buildings for guests, as well as an expansion of the working buildings of the farm.  

The farm has a pottery studio, a greenhouse, barns and animals and a fully equipped woodshop in which Carlos and family make a lot of the beautiful wooden furniture and other touches that make the guest rooms and public space so special.  The farm has a lovely barns which house sheep and the farm’s beautiful herd of Asturian horses.

The old farmhouse at Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica
The old farmhouse that we stayed in at La Montana Magica.
My daughter at the pottery studio
My daughter in front of an old fashioned pottery wheel in front of the pottery studio at La Montana Magica.
Beautiful Asturias ponies on the farm.
The beautiful Asturian ponies on the farm at Alojamiento Rural la Montaña Mágica.
They produce their own hard apple cider on the farm.  Yum!
Bottles of cider, fresh from the farm, ready for drinking with dinner.
The hayloft on the farm
The beautiful old hay loft at La Montana Magica.

On our last morning at one of the most beautiful hotels in Asturias Spain, we took the short hike that Carlos had recommended up the hill above the farm.  We were feeling excited to continue our explorations of Northern Spain but melancholy about leaving such a special place.

The farm had one last bit of magic to share with us.  When we got to the top, we were greeted with this beautiful rainbow, which anchored the magic of this place in a deep place in my heart.

A beautiful overhead view of the farm with an amazing rainbow after a rainstorm
Views from the short hiking trail above La Montana Magica

We have been blessed to have stayed in some really, really amazing places.  There have been very few that got into my heart as this one. I can fully understand why Carlos fell in love with this land so many years ago and made it his life’s work to share its beauty with others. 

One can’t help but fall in love with this land’s vibrant, rugged beauty. The farm feels really remote and it gives you the illusion that you have the nearly infinite beauty of the mountains all to yourself.

If you are looking for Asturias hotels, I have no doubt in my heart that this is where you need to stay.  Here is a link to Tripadvisor reviews that will tell you the same thing.

You need to make a point to come here to this amazing place. Plan a whole trip around it. It really is that special.  I want everyone to experience the magic of this place and to let it sink into your heart the way it did into ours.  

***We were provided accommodation here, but we likely would have stayed here regardless.  My opinions are always my own, whether we were compensated or not.  If this ever changes, I will let you know.

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