Ten Gifts for Travel Loving Moms Who Don’t Need Any More STUFF!

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I don’t know about you, but I really don’t need any more “stuff” for the holidays.  A large proportion of my day is already spent managing and getting rid of the stuff that we have.  I definitely don’t want to take on any more.

Here are a few things that are on my wish list this holiday season. All of these things either help you during travel, or help you live your best life so that you can travel more!:

  1. Stop your Wine-Ing: I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I have come to depend on my evening glass of wine a little too much, almost to a dysfunctional extent.  This is an herbal mix that I am super excited to try out to HOPEFULLY  reduce my dependence on my nightly wine (and if you want to try out a few more herbal blends, they have an awesome sampler pack!)
  2. Feed Your Body:  As I get older, I am realizing more and more the importance of investing in my health and in high quality supplements .  These are some of the best supplements that I have tried, and they come in convenient AM/PM travel packs to make them SUPER convenient.  I really notice a difference in how I feel when I take them.
  3. A Self Care Tool that Fits Into Your Busy Schedule:  This self healing tool is one of the best investments that I made in my health this year.  It is great for maintaining good health (and I love that my whole family can use it).  Use the code SHANS20 to get a $100 discount, exclusive to my readers.
  4. Invest in a solid foundation:  Your feet are so important to your overall health. I have gone from wondering whether these shoes were worth the investment, or whether I really needed them or not, to now knowing how I could possibly live without them (I can wear these working for 12-14 hours at a time with NO FOOT PAIN!)
  5. Splurge on an amazing photo session for your next vacation:  Vacation memories are SO IMPORTANT!  A photo session at your destination on your next vacation makes a great holiday gift!
  6. Map your progress on your bucket list: I got a map like this for Christmas a couple of years ago, and I have had a lot of fun “uncovering” the countries that we have visited and adding new ones as we go to new places!
  7. Stay cozy while traveling:  I would LOVE to add one of these cozy, packable coats to my travel wardrobe (as a bonus, it doubles as a pillow in a pinch!)  Or maybe this stylish, cozy, multipurpose travel wrap is more her style?
  8. The BEST travel backpack on the planet!: Ok, I might be a little biased, because this is the backpack that I travel with, but I can pack for a week in it no problem and it is super solid (my bag has literally been all over the world with me and it still going strong). A bag lie this is a solid investment…it will make travel easier and more enjoyable AND it has a lifetime warranty.
  9. The gift of easy dinners that go from raw to ready in 20 minutes:  Is anybody else tired of figuring out what to make for dinner?  This subscription box will help!  Easy, healthy meals free from bad stuff sounds like an amazing gift to me!
  10. A super functional carry on tote:  I saw one of these tote bags when in the airport last week, and thought, “Man, that is a nice carry on bag!”  It was sleek looking, fit a laptop perfectly (it has a padded laptop pocket) and has a sleeve so it rides nicely on your carry on roller bag.  You really can’t go wrong with any bag that this company makes…they are well made and have a host of functional features to delight any travel loving woman in your life.
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