Diary of a New Blogger: The First Couple Months

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JournalI have been working tirelessly to get this blog off the ground.  It has been sucking up all of my free time (and even some time that technically wasn’t free.)  I am obsessed.  It is an addiction.  I am joining the growing ranks of those with the title ” new blogger “.

I love my blog.  It is like a new born baby that is demanding all of my free time and waking me up in the middle of the night with its wailing cries (I have had to start keeping a piece of paper next to my bed, because there has been way too many times when I wake up with a good idea and have forgotten it because I didn’t write it down.)

The ride has not been smooth.  Think rickety old wooden roller coaster that scares you a little.  It seems like there is always something going wrong with a blog.  Even if I make no changes, there are always plugins that need updating and other things that stop working for no apparent reason.  Certain gizmos on the blog sometimes don’t get along with other gizmos and I have to break up the fight.  It is a never ending battle.

No matter how many things I figure out, there are always more to learn (and the internet and Google are always changing) and I am trying hard to learn the art of pacing myself.

I am like the obnoxious sports parent at the basketball game who is constantly coaching their kid when they aren’t supposed to.  I just want it to be perfect.  Is there anything wrong with that?

In the process of starting this blog, I have gained an entirely new vocabulary that makes my family stare at me with blank expressions (back link?  deep link? tweet?  retweet? trackback? pingback?)  These are all new terms that have been added to the repertoire in the last couple of months.

This last week, I think I finally figured out how to tickle the Google monster in just the right way to get its attention.   Now, at least, Google swats at me periodically like it is swatting at a mosquito (a little hit or miss, but I will take what I can get).

Now that I have started to get a handle on the basic, day to day operation of my blog I am starting to make my first forays into guest posting.  If anyone out there reading this is accepting guest posts for their travel blog, please let me know!

Shanna on the zipline in Costa Rica
This whole blogging journey has really been an adventure with a lot of highs and lows!

On the plus side, traffic numbers are heading in the right direction (only one way to go from here!) and more importantly I am having a great time writing about places in the world that fascinate me.  Writing is a great creative outlet for me, and I really feel like I am creating some good content that will make a positive contribution to the world.  I have also felt incredible support from the community of other travel bloggers who I have connected with since starting this blog.

Why do I continue to do this to myself?  Because of the sheer and unadulterated joy that I get every time someone reads AND comments on a post that I put a lot of work into, or to see that line in my Google Analytics graph tick up instead of down (I know, I need a life, right.  It takes so little to make me happy.)

Anybody else ever been where I have been?  Please, comment with some thoughts or advice for another new blogger who will come along and read this post in the future.

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