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Near Boiling River, Yellowstone, Montana Used under a creative commons license, original location here:

Looking Down the Road: Visiting Boiling River Yellowstone

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Near Boiling River, Yellowstone, Montana
Near Boiling River, Yellowstone, Montana Used under a creative commons license, original location here:

There is magic in hot water.  For something so simple to be so wonderful and take away so many aches and pains, it just about has to have magic in it. For me, how water in the middle of a Minnesota winter is like ambrosia or the nectar or life or something equally as amazing.  I love the way that it instantly and gently lifts the spirit and takes away aches, pains and worry in its soothing embrace.

So, given my aforementioned love of hot water, it should come as no surprise that my pick of the week to add to the travel list is an off the beaten path gem called Boiling River that is the perfect winter destination!  Living in Minnesota, I have spent my fair share of time soaking in hot tubs outside in the winter time, and I can tell you there are very few things that I can think of that are more relaxing than soaking in hot water when the air temperature around you is cold.  The contrast is incredible, and being able to stay warm outside for any length of time in the winter here in Minnesota is a special occasion.

Visiting Boiling River Yellowstone

Boiling River, Montana is a part of Yellowstone National Park.  It is a natural river where warm water from Mammoth hot springs meets cold water from the river.   The walk to the swimming spot is about 10 minutes from the area where you leave your car.  I have read that it can take a little work to find a spot that is not too hot and not too cold, but once you do, it sounds like pure heaven.

The closest airport is in Bozeman, Montana (BZN).  It is 90 minutes from the north entrance to the park.  Bus service is available, but it seems to be expensive enough that you might be better off renting a car to get there (if you think you might want to look into a bus, click here to look at options).


Here is the National Park Service website for Mammoth Hot Springs, which has some useful information.

Also, check out this website with great detailed information about boiling river including detailed directions this blog also has great information about hiking in the region: The Mountain Goat

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    1. Shanna Schultz

      I’ve been to Yellowstone, too (albeit a number of years ago)…but I had never heard of this spot until a friend told me that it had been on some top 10 list of little known winter destinations.

    2. Shanna Schultz

      Someday, when I go back, maybe I will actually be able to afford the splurge for the show and dinner at the moulin rouge…for now, I just admire from the outside.

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