The 9 best Wav Watch Frequencies for Travel

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The Wav Watch is a compact, affordable personal sound frequency tool.  It uses specific sound frequencies to support wellness in the body.  

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Because the Wav Watch is so compact (think of it like a bigger version of a smartwatch), it is ideal for supporting your wellness while you travel.  Here are my favorite Wav Watch frequencies to use for travel:

Immune Support 

Travel is FULL of germs.   Germs from the person behind you coughing on the flight.  New germs from everything you are touching in your destination. The Wav Watch has a WHOLE folder of frequencies for various germs and viruses.  If you don’t know precisely what kind of virus you are fighting, there is an overall “Viral Immune Support” frequency that I love to use when traveling.


Let’s be honest…sometimes, when we travel, we indulge in more alcohol than when we are at home.  On a recent trip, I woke up feeling pretty rough around the edges.  I put my Wav Watch on, turned my “Hangover” frequency setting onto repeat, and by lunchtime, I was almost feeling like myself again!


Wavwatch setting for insomnia

Changes to our sleep cycles are inevitable during travel.  Time zone changes are the first culprit, but even without that, unfamiliar places sometimes make sleeping while traveling hard!  While I would love to keep this tool for myself when we travel, most of the time, I end up relinquishing it to one of my kids.  They put it on their wrist when I come to tuck them in, and before I know it, their little eyes can’t stay open anymore! 


Traveling entails eating foods that are not a normal part of our diets.  Sometimes, this causes stomach upset.  This can be especially true in developing countries where sanitation standards might not be as high making us more likely to come into contact with germs that our system is not used to.  Thank gosh, I haven’t had to use this setting yet while traveling, but when I do, I am sure that I will be happy to have it!

Joint Support

Wavwatch setting for joint support

When you travel, you want to get out and see things.  For us, this often means we are doing more walking than we are used to (and with kids, sometimes climbing and scrambling are thrown into that mix, as well)  The joint support frequency is one of my favorites.  It is hard to describe the feeling that I get when I use it.  My joints feel “looser” and they move more easily.  It is subtle but cumulative.  I notice a big difference at the end of the day if I have been walking a lot and haven’t used my Wav Watch.


This is a general, catch-all frequency that encompasses a lot of things, but it is SOOOO GOOOOD while traveling. I love to use this one at the end of a long day of travel, when I am laying quietly in bed, reflecting on our adventures.  I feel like this frequency wraps me in a warm hug, and helps my body reset and prepare for the next day’s adventures. 

General Body Support

This is another great, “catch-all” frequency that can absolutely be used with any of the others to boost their effectiveness.  

Fatigue (Jetlag)

Wavwatch setting for fatigue

Anyone who has flown around the world has certainly experienced the crushing effects of jetlag. This dizzying, disorienting side effect of quickly switching times zones can definitely be difficult to cope with for the first few days of your trip. The Fatigue setting is great to use in your first few days in a different time zone. It can help you feel more “normal” so you can get to enjoying your vacation more quickly.


Anxiety about flying and traveling is a reality for many travelers. For some folks, it is the experience of flying or of being confined that triggers these feelings. For others, the new and unfamiliar experiences of traveling to a new place and encountering new situations can be a source of anxiety. Your WavWatch will have a while folder of frequencies for various emotional concerns, including these Anxiety and Calming settings that can be great to use while traveling.

PRO TIP:  Make a custom frequency playlist for your trip, with the frequencies that you and your family are most likely to use on it.  This will make it easy to incorporate into your busy travel days!

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