It is my goal to have more time to write travel guides and content that will make your vacation planning easier and your limited vacation time with your family meaningful.  Earning money from this blog is one avenue for making this happen.

I earn money/compensation from this blog in a variety of ways: 

  • Some pages contain affiliate links.  These are links that provide a useful service to you by giving you a direct pathway to my favorite travel services, resources and providers.  When you click on this link and make a booking or purchase, I make a small commission (and it doesn’t cost you any more).  I only recommend products/services/tourism providers that we have worked with or that I would use for my own family.
  • Sometimes, a company or tourism organization sponsors our travel by providing us with free or discounted accommodations/tickets/gear, etc.  When this happens, I will always tell you by disclosing in the related posts. You have my word that regardless of whether I was compensated or not, I will always give you my true opinion, good bad or otherwise.

Thanks for you understanding.