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Travel In Focus: What to do in London

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What to do in London

Budget Travel in London:

London Bridge (real name Tower Bridge)
Did you know that this iconic landmark is not really called the London Bridge? It is actually called Tower Bridge…


London Travel Tips:

Eating and Drinking in London:

Westminster Abbey, London

Unique London Classes and Tours:

Big Ben in London

Things to do and See in London:

London King's Cross Station


Off the Beaten Path in London:

London With Kids:

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, London.

Getting Into and Around London:

Worthwhile Accommodations in London:

London Big Ben
Big Ben, the London Eye and a double decker bus, all in one photo!

Books and Films about London:

Seasons in London:

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  1. Dale

    This is a great go-to list for the next time I’m back in the UK. Surprisingly, there is so much of the UK I’ve never seen & as a Brit it’s slightly embarrassing to admit.

    Reading some of those articles makes me wonder what I did with my time in London.

  2. Natalie

    Great collection of articles : Writing just about London is a whole blog on its own!

  3. Andrea

    Wow – awesome directory here…thanks for sharing our posts!

  4. Dick Jordan

    Nice roundup! Thanks for including my “Green London” piece.

  5. Sophie

    Very comprehensive and useful London guide. Thanks for the inclusion 🙂

  6. Andrew

    What an amazing collection of stuff on London.

  7. What a fabulous guide for London. Thanks so much for including my post on Kensington Palace

  8. Jennifer

    Awesome collection of London articles! Thanks for sharing some of our posts.

  9. Bobbi Lee Hitchon

    Wow! This list is awesome. I’m in the city now and lived here once before. If you’re not careful it’s crazy expensive, but with tips like the ones you give-it’s actually a very affordable place. The two biggest money saving tips I have is to walk instead of rely solely on the tube and take advantage of all of London’s freebies, which there are loads of! I’ll be using this post while I’m here. Cheers!

    1. Shanna

      I was amazed at how many free things there were to do in London! Even using the tube, we still walked A LOT…London is just a huge city, but we tried to avoid taking the tube when possible because it was so expensive.

  10. I am beginning to think I’ll need to return to London with a higher budget. The problem with making it your last stop on a trip around the world is that everything, EVERYTHING seems soooo expensive. So we didn’t do a thing other than take very long strolls, visit some free museums, and spend quality time in pubs.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I might do the same with

    1. Shanna

      Yeah, I could use some quality time in the pub right now…I can’t wait to go back to London someday. I missed one of the “touristy” things that I really wanted to see there. We never made it to the Tower of London (which I have heard is expensive and touristy but SOOO worth it.)

  11. Deanna

    I can’t wait to go to London, it’s totally on my travel bucket list!

    1. Shanna

      Ahhh, it becomes sort of an addiction once you go….I can’t wait to go back!

  12. Agness

    That’s a very informative post, indeed. I don’t need my London Lonely Planet Book anymore :):). Can’t wait to re-visit London and explore the London Bridge once again 🙂

    1. Shanna

      Yeah, me too. I haven’t been to London in a while…it is always a favorite city of mine to visit.

  13. Adam

    Wow!! What an amazing guide to London. Love how you’ve really captured some of the best things to do, but you’re missing a few highlights – notably stories from East London. This is the coolest part of London (well, at least for me!). Also, if I could be so bold, I’d recommend the East End Food Tour – it’s definitely a unique tour!!

    1. Shanna

      Thanks so much for the additional insights! I love doing pieces like this! I always discover so many places and things that I didn’t know about!

  14. Emily Johnson

    Hi Shanna..thanks for posting all the links of articles all together it will help me to understand more about london with easy..

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