Tucson Gem Show: Electric Park / Kino Sports Complex

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Tucson Gem Show Village Originals Tent
The Village Originals Tent at Tucson Electric Park

At the Tucson Gem Show, once I have canvassed Hotel Row, Electric Park / Kino Sports Complex is reliably the second stop on my list.

Electric Park/Kino Sports Complex is HUGE. Massive.  Gargantuan.  You get the idea.

There are two large tents and many other medium sized and small tents behind those.  When I say “large” tents, I am talking about some of the largest tents in the world…each easily the size of a football field.

Our first stop here is usually the Village Originals tent (this is one of the large tents anchoring Electric Park.) It is easy to spot, as it is the one that has all of the amethyst cathedrals in the front.

The Village Naturals tent at Tucson Electric Park
The HUGE Village Naturals tent at Tucson Electric Park

They have tumbled stones at decent prices as well as some other spheres and carved healing stones. They sell stones carved into a kind of a dome shape (rounded on top and flat on the bottom) that they call therapy stones and these are great for healing work. They have the best prices on Himalayan salt lamps (these make great gifts!) They also have some of the best prices on large, display pieces of amethyst.

The second large tent at Electric Park/Kino Sports Complex has mostly beads and jewelry, but it is worth a pass through for some of the other interesting items that can be found here.

Buffalo skulls at Electric Park at the Tucson Gem Show
Buffalo skulls at Electric Park at the Tucson Gem Show

The rest of Electric Park/Kino Sports Complex consists of medium and small sized tents behind the main tents. One of my favorite tents here is all the way to the right once you enter and the vendors here sell items for Native American crafting including bones and teeth of all sorts, as well as leather, sage, Sweetgrass braids, abalone shells, antlers and great bulk herbal teas.

Electric Park is a fun place to explore, as many of the great deals are tucked into the nooks and crannies and you have to search a bit to find them.  I found a medium sized singing bowl here that I loved for $10 (which is a great deal). It was tucked way at the back of a vendors tent in the clearance area, and if I hadn’t gone ALL the way in I wouldn’t have found it.


  • Location: Kino Sports Complex: 2500 E. Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ (click for map)
  • Parking: Free and plentiful
  • Bathrooms: Porta Potties only, located near the front entrance of Electric Park and there is also one inside near the food court.
  • Food: There is a food court in the middle of Electric Park offering a good variety of items.
  • ATM: There is an ATM machine at the front of Electric Park, near the registration booth.
  • Show Website: http://www.as-shows.com/pages/

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