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Fabulous Friday Foto: Three Dogs in Recife Brazil

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Three stray dogs trying to stay out of the heat in Brazil.

Seen while walking around the streets of Recife Brazil , these poor puppies were just trying to indulge in a siesta out of the heat!  Recife was a great town for just walking around and taking photos in as it is very photogenic.  It is a popular stop for cruise ships, but even with thousands of people in town with us, it never felt crowded.

Shanna Schultz

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  1. Jay Johnston

    Nice pic, but you and me both know they were’nt sleeping, they were starving to death. And a week later were all killed by the government. I’ve been there, and that happens twice a month in Brazil. Horrible animal cruelty. But cute photo…..

    1. Shanna

      You have a good point about the problem with the stray animals in many countries not being handled very well. Bangkok, Thailand was the same way only worse. The dogs were EVERYWEHRE that we saw, and they were starving and obviously diseased. Not fair at all to them. The problem definitely needs a better solution.

      1. Inês

        We do not kill dogs here in Recife, is forbidden by the law, man :)! You information os wrong 🙂

        But of course that is sad, we have a lot of stray dogs on streets 🙁

        1. Shanna

          I don’t remember saying that dogs were being killed in Recife, only that they were resting in the shade.

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