Social media can be a powerful tool to help bring customers into your business.  Do you have the skills and know how to effectively employ this tool in your marketing strategy?

Consistency is the key to winning the social media game. Taking the time to Setup a Facebook or Pinterest account or set up a newsletter is a complete waste of your valuable time if you only post to it or send it out once or twice then forget about it!

I love to help small businesses use social media to consistently connect with their customers and to meet new potential customers.  Let me work with you to create a social media plan that will help you to strengthen current customer relationships and build new ones!

I offer a number of packages that combine various social media tools together for a cohesive strategy that will get results, as well as the a la carte options at the bottom.

Not sure what you need?  Lets get together to talk about your business goals and I will help you find the best social media strategy to meet them.


  • If you are signed up under a plan, you will be automatically charged each month for services via credit card.  You can cancel at any time, I require 5 days notice before the beginning of the month for cancellations.

Silver Plan: $5/week (a $10 value!) For those just starting to use social media to promote their businesses or who want to see if it increases sales/customers.

  • Weekly posting to one social media site 3-4 times or two social media sites 1-2 times (a $5 value)
  • A once weekly posting to one local sales website with your specials or promotions of the week (a $5 value)
  • A basic monthly report with results from your campaigns

Bronze Plan: $15/week (a $25 value!)  For those who have already been dabbling in social media promotion and are looking to take it to the next level!  This is also a great plan for you if you are new to social media promotion and really want to build a strong foundation right off the bat!

  • Weekly posting to 1 social media site 5-6 times, 2 social media sites 3-4 times or 3 social media sites 1-2 times (a $10 value)
  • Weekly posting to 2 local sales websites for local promotion (a $5 value)
  • A basic monthly newsletter (a $25 value)
  • New bronze accounts get free setup on up to two social media sites (a $20 value)
  • A basic monthly report with results from your campaigns

Gold Plan $30/week (a $40 value!):  If you have been seeing good results and increased business from social media and are ready to dive in headfirst, this is the plan for you!

  • Weekly posting to 2 social media site 5-6 times, 3 social media sites 3-4 times or 4 social media sites 1-2 times (a $15 value)
  • A once weekly posting to three local sales websites with your specials or promotions of the week (a $10 value)
  • An in depth monthly newsletter (a $35 value)
  • 1 custom logo/header design (a $50 value)
  • A monthly choice of:  5 custom pins with graphics / 20 Tweets / 10 extra Facebook postings / 10 Google Plus posts / Setup and administration of 1 Facebook ad (client pays ad fees) – (a $20 value)
  • New gold accounts get free setup on two social media sites PLUS free initial setup of your Mailchimp mailing list (a $45 value)
  • A deluxe monthly report with detailed results from all of your social media channels


A La Carte:

Once Weekly Posting to Local Sales Facebook Pages/Craigslist/Websites for local promotion:

1 site:  $5 / 3 sites: $7 / 5 sites: $10

Custom Pins for Pinterest with Graphics: 

$10 for one / $15 for three / $20 for five

$20 boost:  Extra attention in one specific area to give you a jumpstart!

12 custom Pinterest Graphics and postings / 20 extra tweets / 10 Facebook postings / 10 Google Plus Posts / Setup and Administration of 1 Facebook ad (client pays ad fees separately) / ?

Mailing List Setup/Management:

Initial setup/migration for a new mailing list through Mailchimp: $25

Monthly Newsletters to list members:

$25 / basic newsletter which will provide your readers updates about your business and a couple informative links that your readers that they will enjoy

$35 / in depth newsletter which will more fully engage your readers and provide them valuable information in the form of updates about your business, a custom written feature article that will be of interest to your readers and a number of informative links

Setup a New Social Media Account:

$10 (does not include logo and/or header design)

Social Media Posting:

———————————–1-2x/week          3-4x/week          5-6x/week

1 social media site————-$NA—————$5/wk———–$10/wk

2 social media sites————$5/wk————$10/wk———–$15/wk

3 social media sites————$10/wk———–$15/wk———–$20/wk

4 social media sites————$15/wk———–$20/wk———–$25/wk

5 social media sites————$20/wk———–$25/wk———–$30/wk

Social Media Focus:  $25 – A specific focus for one month on building your connections and increasing interactions on a specific social media channel.  This is more than just the standard posts that are included in other packages.  I will actively work to get you new followers and get your message to the right social media connections to help it spread and grow.

Logo and Header Design:

Custom banners, backgrounds and cover photos can help your brand stand out among the crowd.  They can give a personal touch to your page and to help your customers feel like they are making a connection with you.  


Facebook Cover Photo: $50
Twitter Header and Background: $50
Google + Cover Photo and Background: $50
Custom Website Header/ Banner: $50

(pssst!  Looking for a deal? If I design one of the above for you, any additi0nal variations on that banner for other outlets are only $20!) 


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