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Fabulous Friday Foto: A Photo of Norway Scenery

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This photo of Norway was taken while on a hike just above the town of Geirangerfjord that took us to one of the most spectacular waterfalls that I had ever seen!  Storsæterfossen waterfall outside of Geirangerfjord is unique in that you can walk behind it.

The somewhat strenuous hike kept those on the tour buses  from the cruise ship away, making this a great place to escape the tourist hordes from the cruise ship (the town of Geirangerfjord has a permanent population of about 250, yet it is the third busiest cruise port in Norway, receiving up to 9,000 passengers in a single day!)

Shanna Schultz

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  1. Andrea

    We have yet to go on a hike here, which is a shame, I know – looks beautiful!

    1. Shanna

      It was beautiful, but it was a somewhat challenging hike…that’s ok, it keeps the crowds down 😉

  2. Claudia

    One of the many things that stops me from visiting Norway is that it is so expensive!

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