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Carcassonne, France

Fabulous Friday Foto: Carcassonne Castle

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Exploring the Carcassonne Castle is truly the highlight of any visit to the city. Its winding, cobblestone streets lined with picturesque cafes and fairy tale like turrets make it a magical place to get lost for a day (or forever!)

Whether you are visiting the city for its famous Bastille Day Fireworks display or just to enjoy the medieval ambiance of the town on a less busy day, Carcassonne is a must-visit destination of your trip to the south of France!carcassonne castle

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  1. Marco Fiori

    I loved Caracasonne. Despite having a disgusting cold from the moment I arrived, it was a beautiful little town with a stunning castle. If anyone’s in the region, is definitely recommend they visit.

    1. Shanna

      Glad you had such a great visit. We found that Rick Steve’s advice about avoiding the hordes of tourists was correct…arrive late in the afternoon just as the tour buses are starting to depart. Wander the city at dusk and enjoy a nice dinner, take your night photos of the castle and get up early before the crowds descend for any last photo taking or shopping opportunities.

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