MSP Airport Tips and Secrets for those passing through for TBEX

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I am happy to welcome those of you coming to MSP for TBEX to my home turf!  MSP is my home airport, and I am happy to share some tips for you for the time that you spend here in passing through (these tips are for those flying into Terminal 1…if you are flying on Sun Country into Terminal 2, unfortunately, I cannot be of much help, as I am not as familiar with the offerings at Terminal 2):

Minneapolis Airport MSP

Best Photo Opportunity:  Head to the observation deck, up the stairs at the beginning of the D concourse.  From here, you can get a bird’s eye view of the airport (and a quiet space if you have some time to kill).

MSP Airport Observation Deck

Need Help with your Flight?:   If you are in terminal 1 and you need help rebooking your flight, you will find Delta help centers near gate c1, c13, F1 and G9.  If you are flying with any other airline, your airline will likely be located on the E concourse, and that is where you should check in for help (with the exception of Great Lakes, which is a small airline that flies out of gate B14).

Best Place to Sleep:  If you find yourself needing a little nap while in the airport, head either towards the observation deck above the D concourse OR the quiet sleeping area above the airport mall shops (there are stairs at either end of the mall).  Either place should give you a quiet, out of the way spot to cat nap.

Best UBER Budget Food Options:  Need some calories and short on cash?  A slice of pizza is always a budget friendly favorite.  The best (and cheapest) place to get one is at the café style take out place next to gate G1.  Charley’s (in the main food court in the middle of the airport mall) has fries smothered in cheese, bacon and sour cream that will fill your tummy for less than $4.

Best Healthy Food:  The food market near gate G1 has a salad bar, as well as a hot bar and soups with ingredients clearly labeled.

Best Asian Food:  Skip the food court, premade Asian food.  Instead, head to Pei Wei (near cate C3) where they will make your food fresh and it will actually taste like something!

Best Food Splurge:  We are so lucky to have some many AMAZING, chef inspired restaurants here in the MSP airport.  My favorite choice for a splurge is Ike’s.  It is a satellite location for a well known local steak and chop house, and it is worth the dollars.

Out of Adjustment After your Flight?:  We have a chiropractor in the MSP airport!  The Chiroport is located near the TGI Fridays by gate C12.

Where to see as movie in the airport:  There is a film screening room near gate C18 where they show short documentaries and films made my midwest film makers, 24 hours a day.  If you are looking for other art appreciation opportunities in the airport, check out the MSP Airport Foundation Arts@MSP program.

Best Place for Locally Made Gifts:  If you need a gift for someone (or something really nice for yourself), head to the Uptown Minnesota store near gate G1.  They feature some really neat handmade stuff made by local artists and crafters.

Looking for a place to let the little ones run off steam?:  Head towards the kids play area by gate C12.  It is enclosed, and has a big play airplane to climb around in as well as a play control tower with a slide.

The kids play area at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (MSP)
The kids play area at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (MSP)

If you are traveling with kiddos, be sure to check out this post with all of the information that you will need about flying through MSP airport with kids!

Where to get a free massage in the airport:  Needing some relaxation but not keen on spending money at one of the spendy massage places?  The Aveda store in the main airport mall offers free mini spa treatments.  They vary, but usually  include the choice of some sort of mini massage and sometimes even a facial treatment or makeup application.  Signs at the front of the store will tell you what options are available.



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