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Fabulous Friday Foto: Walking through the Souk in Casablanca Morocco

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Vendors pushing carts of fresh tomatoes and cilantro to the Souk in Casablanca.

One of my best memories from Casablanca Morocco was getting completely lost and immersed in the wonders of the local souk (market).  We had gone beyond the touristy exterior parts of the souk where most of the other passengers from the cruise ship had stopped and continued into the bowels of the market.

We wandered, a little lost but unconcerned, watching the locals buy produce and meat for their evening meals.  The produce was amazing; carts filled with tomatoes and cilantro. The scent of fresh herbs, both familiar and unfamiliar, filled the air.

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  1. Andrea

    Never been to Morocco but it sounds like a fantastic place to explore!

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