Leaving Paradise – Our Departure from Chiang Dao Nest

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Our three nights at Chiang Dao Nest are over, and it is time to continue on with our adventure.  It is with a certain saddness that we leave, as this place has left a special mark on my heart.

Chiang Dao Nest Friends

My memories of this place include a magical walk up to a monastery in the mountains, trekking on a mountain trail through the jungle, incomparable scenery, a 2,000 year old temple, a quirky off the beaten path cave with a pond filled with sacred fish and the warmth of the people of this place that I will carry with me as one of my most treasured memories of Thailand.

Aaron made me sit down and rest yesterday (which is hard for me to do…I am very “type A” and feel like I need to be seeing something all the time!) so we spent yesterday reading and writing blog posts, sitting by the most scenic swimming pool that I have ever seen and preparing for our onward journey.

The view of the mountains in Chiang Dao Thailand

My Thai language repertoire has expanded from no words to 2 or three (I can now say “thank you”, “hello” and “not spicy” and I hope to expand it further later this morning.)  There is something about language that builds bridges between people, and I will continue to try to add new words as we go.

So, onwards we march, back on the songthaew to the bus to get back into Chiang Mai for more adventures!

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