Fabulous Friday Photo: Images of Paris from near the Eiffel Tower

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I was absolutely giddy as we walked through the street of Paris towards to Eiffel tower.  The fact that I can get on an airplane, fly halfways around the world and wake up in another culture still amazes me and takes my breath away, even after all the places that we have been.  The first day is always a little surreal to me as my brain struggles with the transition but my heart flutters like a bird because I am in France again!

It was a peaceful day in Paris as we walked along the Seine river, content in just being in the moment, watching families out for a stroll and listening to snippets of conversations in a language that I don’t fully understand, but still sounds beautiful on my ears.

The pace of life in France, even in a big city like Paris seems slower.  People sit on park benches content just watching the world go by, while others sit in cafes sipping expresso or wine.


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