A Guide to the Best Things to do in Australia – What You Need to Know Before Travelling

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If Australia is on your bucket list then you are definitely not alone. Every year over 6 million people visit Australia to take in its natural wonders and explore its undeniable beauty. Before we discuss the best things to do in Australia, it is important to address some of the questions which create silly Australian stereotypes:

  • Aussies don’t throw shrimps on the ‘Barbie’, they throw prawns.
  • They don’t drink Fosters, it is actually exported to other countries and they keep the ‘good stuff’ for themselves.
  • Nobody has pet koalas or kangaroos, unless they are an animal rescue worker and they only get to keep them while the animals recover from injury or illness.
  • Australians do eat kangaroo as it is a very lean, high-protein, high-mineral meat.
  • Only die-hard surfers who live right on the coast surf every day, it is quite an exceptional skill to learn and not everyone has the natural balance and strength to master it.


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What are the best things to do in Australia? Australia is so large!

Australia is an eclectic mix of natural vistas, urban highlights and outback spectaculars. Depending on your personal interests there are a plethora of choices to keep your Australian visit full of excitement.

If the coastline and iconic beaches have been calling you be sure to check out:

Fraser Island – The world’s biggest sand island is phenomenal offering visitors unbeatable beaches, white sand shores and lush rainforest.

Whitsundays – Made up of 74 stunning islands that are the home of the iconic teal blue beach pictures which adorn many Australian tourist brochures.

Surfers Paradise – An iconic beach on the Gold Coast famous for its surfing treasures and typical Aussie beachside locals.

Perhaps the natural sights and sounds of Australia and its fantastic wildlife have peaked your interest:

Ayres Rock – An indigenous landmark cloaked in dreamtime mystery which serves up breathtaking sunrises and sunsets that beam beautifully off its stunning red rock face and surrounding red earth.

Blue Mountains – A mountainous region bordering Sydney in NSW featuring 760 metre high sandstone bedrock gorges which wind for over 50 kilometres around the most stunning landscape.

Daintree Rainforest – A world heritage listed location that covers an unbelievable 1200 square kilometres and is home to 30% of Australia’s frog species population, 20% of bird species and 65% of the bat and butterfly species.

Australia Kangaroo

For most visitors a trip to Australia’s capital cities and their landmarks is still a wonderful way to experience the country. Essential places to visit include:

  • Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay and Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Melbourne’s CBD laneways
  • Cairns and Airlie Beach
  • Gold Coast’s ‘The Strip’ and beaches

Australia Great Barrier Reef

When should I visit?

Australia is lucky enough to have temperate weather most of the year. You do get intense weather systems such as summer storms and snowfalls during winter in the southern parts of the country. For northern states such as QLD you can go all year round and enjoy amazing weather. Take a look at weather forecasts before you book in case you are expecting beach worthy weather in winter in Melbourne or aren’t prepared for 30 degree + days in certain parts of the country in summer.

With all these places to visit – What do I Bring?

It does all depend on what you want to do and the kind of person you are. Australians are laid back and so is the dress code of many. There are restaurants which require a high level of dress but it all depends on the experience you wish to have. If you are keen to fit in with the locals you can always adopt their fashion sense with a pair of boardies (shorts), a wife-beater (singlet or vest) and some thongs (flip-flops). You would also be well advised to bring insect repellent, sunscreen, a hat and a list of all the things you plan to do.

Australia also has strong border protection laws so brush up on what you can and cannot bring into the country before you get here to avoid a nasty surprise and a pat down by Australia’s border protection police in customs. Also, if you are thinking of bringing your darling Rover with you consider an alternative as quarantine in Australia is at least 10 days, even with new lax laws which started in February 2014.

Sorted? Bonza!

Do you have any tips about the best things to do in Australia?  Please share them below in the comments!

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