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The Best Essential Oils for Travel – Stock your Essential Oil Travel Kit!

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Essential oils deserve a place in your carry on luggage when you travel.  You can use essential oils when you travel in so many different ways. They really don’t take up that much room.  Here are my top suggestions for essential oils for travel. Many of these are the ones that I pack for our family every time we venture away from home!

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The Best Essential Oils for Travel

The Best All Around Essential Oils for Travel

Some oils serve multiple different purposes. Here are a few oils that are powerhouses for travel because they can serve in multiple different roles and help with different needs during your trip:

Lavender Essential Oil: This is my kids’ favorite oil for sleep (they remember the giant lavender plants at this amazing farm we stayed at in Spain). You can use lavender essential oil in so many other ways! Google “Uses for lavender oil” and you will see why lavender oil is often called the Swiss army knife of essential oils. This oil is super supportive for your skin. A MUST for your travel tool kit!

Frankincense Essential Oil: Frankincense is one of the best oils to support the skin (think sun or wind burn). It is super supportive of the immune system. It helps you focus (can you say “Sesquiterpenes?). I have even read that it can help with hangovers! Score!

Essential Oils for Jet Lag

Essential oils have a lot to offer as far as supporting normal sleep patterns.  Changing time zones can be one of the most challenging aspects of travel. This is especially true for those who are traveling with children.  Here are some essential oils for travel and supplements that can help support normal sleep.

Essential Oils for Travel - Sleep Essence

SleepEssence:  This unique supplement from Young Living contains four essential oils and melatonin.  This is a great way to support normal sleep patterns while traveling! 

Peace and calming is one of my very favorite essential oils for travel.  It can be used in so many situations!

Peace and Calming:  This essential oil blend is like relaxation in a bottle.  Seriously. Put a few drops of this in your travel essential oil diffuser before bedtime and it will take away any stress that you feel from the trials of travel. It really helps you to calm your mind so you can drift to sleep. 

Valerian is a great oil for helping you sleep while traveling!

Valerian:  This is another superstar oil for helping you catch some zzz’s while traveling.  My experience with valerian has always been that its strength is in helping me calm my busy mind. It also has relaxing properties for the body as well.  

Kidscents Sleepylyze is a great tool for helping your kids sleep well during travel.  It is one of the best oils for jet lag for kids.

Kid Scents Sleepylyze:  This oil blend is specially designed for use with children.  It can help to support normal sleep despite a time zone change while traveling!

Here is an amazing resource from the Young Living blog that goes in depth about essential oils for jet lag and sleep. 

I am passionate about getting you up and running using essential oils to support your wellness goals. 

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Essential Oils to Support Healthy Energy Levels While Traveling

The rigors of travel can take their toll.  Who wants to get to their vacation and not be able to enjoy it because you are exhausted just from getting there?  These awesome oils and supplements can help you stay on your game!  

En-R-Gee essential oils gives you an bit of afternoon ZIP when you are tired from jetlag when traveling.

En-R-Gee Essential Oil: This blend of uplifting oils can help you to stay awake when you hit your mid afternoon slump.  You can apply it topically or put it in your portable travel diffuser! 

Peppermint:  Peppermint essential oil has a long history of use for promoting healthy levels of energy.  This is a great addition to your travel essential oil travel kit as it can also be used to support healthy digestion!

Ninxia Nitro is a MUST for travel.  It is perfect, natural afternoon pick me up.

Ninxia Nitro:  This easy to pack super tube contains a healthy alternative to caffeine and energy drinks.  Stash a couple in your carry on bags to help you when you REALLY need a power boost.

Citrus Fresh Vitality:  The uplifting scent of citrus essential oils paired with fresh smelling peppermint is sure to give you a boost in the afternoon when you are traveling and you find yourself reaching for a coffee (it is also a great oil to carry to freshen stuffy hotel rooms!)

Essential Oils to Support the Muscles and the Circulatory System

Essential oils for travel to support the muscles - Copaiba

Copaiba:  Copaiba has a long history of use by South American healers in supporting health in a wide variety of ways.   It is a calming oil and is especially supportive of the musculoskeletal system. 

Rosemary is a great essential oil for supporting your muscles when traveling.

Rosemary:  Rosemary is a powerful oil for supporting the normal function of the muscular system. 

Aromalife is one of my very favorite essential oils.  This oil is one of the best essential oils for travel for supporting the muscles and circulatory systems.

Aromalife:  This is my first choice to support healthy, normal circulation.  This blend combines Helichrysum and Cypress which are two oils known for their supportive effects on the circulatory system.  It also has marjoram which supports healthy muscle function. 

Essential Oils for Immune Support While Traveling

Traveling can introduce your immune system to a whole host of new challenges.  Essential oils can support the immune system in its normal function so that it can effectively do its job keeping you well!

This is one of my top essential oils for travel.  I always pack this one when we go.

Thieves:  Thieves oil can be a powerful support pillar for the normal functioning of your immune system.  This is one of the best essential oils for travel. The oil got its distinctive name because it is based on an herbal formula used by grave robbers during the plague.  Thieves Vitality can be taken internally to support the body. Rubbing Thieves Oil on the soles of the feet is another great way to support your immune system during travel.

You can also get the power of Thieves oil in a plethora of other products that are super handy for travel including hand sanitizer, wipes, cough drops and a handy roll on!

Citrus Fresh Vitality:  Citrus Fresh Vitality is a blend of citrus oils and peppermint.  This is a great oil to drop in your water to sip on the flight. The citrus oils will give you an antioxidant boost while the peppermint is refreshing and energizing.  

Ninxia Red is a powerful support to all of the body systems while traveling.

Ninxia Red:  Ninxia Red packets are something that I always pack when we travel. Ninxia Red is a special blend of berries known for their high antioxidant values combined with essential oils. Ninxia Red is uplifting and can keep you on an even keel nutritionally when traveling. We love to take on when we get on the airplane to support health and wellness during the stresses of air travel.  

Essential Oils for Travel to Support Digestive Health 

Travel can introduce you to a whole world of new tastes and amazing foods.  If your stomach is anything like mine, it sometimes has a hard time keeping up.  These oils can help to support normal digestive function while trying new and unfamiliar foods while traveling.

Peppermint and Dizige - A digestive support powerhouse!

Peppermint:  The many gifts of the peppermint plant are my go to for promoting digestive wellness. Peppermint Vitality can be taken as a supplement to support digestive wellness, and Peppermint Essential oil can be applied topically and provides a cooling sensation if you have eaten too much or the wrong thing. 

Digize Vitality: This will become a go to supplement in your Essential oils travel kit.  This super blend of essential oils has so many things in it, I am not even going to list them all.  What you need to know is that they are all in there to support your digestive system in handling all of the different dietary challenges that you will encounter during travel. 

Kids Scents Tummygize is one of the best oils essential oils for travel for helping calm little tummies.

Kid Scents Tummygize:  This blend is calming and relaxing and it can be applied topically to little tummies.

Calming Oils for The Airplane Ride

White Angelica is one of the best essential oils for travel.  A calming, soothing favorite!

White Angelica:  White Angelica is a blend of 10 essential oils known for their relaxing, calming properties.  Floral oils give their mood boosting properties, citrus oils add in freshness and a touch of joy and oils like Spruce and Sandalwood give their grounding properties.  This is a must for anyone who experiences anxious feeling on the airplane!

Peace and Calming: This reliable oil to keep on hand for bring calm to any situation (including airplane rides).  It quickly imparts a sense of mental and physical calm. When I use it, it is almost like I can feel the stress melting off my shoulders.

Seedings Calm (for kids):  This Young Living oil blend is especially made for children.  It is made up of oils that are known for being safe for use with kids and is a great way to keep your little ones relaxed and happy for the flight. They also have an AWESOME linen spray to help the kiddos off to sleep during your trip!

Valor is one of my all time favorite essential oils.  It is especially helpful in giving you courage in new situations.

Valor: I took out my bottle of Valor as we were getting close to landing on a flight that I was on recently.  The lady next to me appeared a little anxious, so I gave her a drop to rub in her hands and cup over her nose.  She said, “That made me relax almost instantly. That was amazing!” This is a must for tackling the many new experiences and unfamiliar locations that good travel brings, as it imparts a sense of courage.  

Essential Oils for Supporting the Musculoskeletal System during Travel

Travel brings with it a wealth of new sights and experiences.  Many times, it also brings a lot more walking than we are used to.  These travel essentials will help you to get back on your feet again after a long day of walking! 

Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream is a MUST to help with aches and pains from new experiences during travel.

Cool Azul Cream: This is just what you need to give your legs and feet a refreshing pick me up after a long day of walking.   Trust me, you will thank me.

Young Living Pan Away-One of the best essential oils for travel

Pan Away:  This amazing oil blend is one of my very favorites for supporting normal function of the muscles.  It is one of Young Living’s most popular oils and is one of the best essential oils for travel.

Deep Relief Roll on - One of the best essential oils for travel

Deep Relief Roll On:  This essential oil comes in a convenient roll of to make it easy to use during travel.  It combines a number of essential oils that have a refreshing, cooling sensation for muscles. The perfect oil to refresh your legs and feet after a long day of adventuring!

Accessories for Your Essential Oil Travel Kit

A travel diffuser is a MUST while traveling

Essential Oils Travel Diffuser:  A small, portable travel diffuser is a great way to use your essential oils for travel.  Use it in the morning to use refreshing oils to wake up in a different time zone. Use your essential oils travel kit with your diffuser to freshen up a stuffy hotel room.  This is a MUST have accessory when traveling.

Young Living Travel Kit

Young Living Travel Kit:  You shouldn’t put up with toxic chemicals in the products that you use on your body at home.  Why should things be any different when you travel? This is a super convenient pack of travel sized, TSA approved personal care products without any harmful ingredients or toxins.

Roller Balls and Capsules:  Making rollers of your favorite travel oils blends is a great way to use essential oils for travel without bringing your whole bottle of oil with.  Rolling them on is also a very convenient way to use your oils (and then you can bring a few different varieties with and they won’t take up much room).

Capsules make it possible to take the Vitality labeled essential oils internally without tasting them (some of them are SUPER good for you, but a little strong tasting.)

Essential Oil Case:  An essential oil case to hold your bottles and rollers makes it easy to keep track of all of your oils and keep them handy in your carry on bag.

Carrier Oil: You should always have some carrier oils with you in a small bottle with your toiletries. Coconut oil is great (and you can also use it to moisturize your skin). I also really love jojoba oil. You can use the carrier oil to apply essential oils to kids, and you need to have it in case you develop redness when you apply oils.

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