The Best Restaurants in Santorini and Crete: A Foodie’s Tour

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Greece is popular place for sun worshiping beach lovers, but it has a double identity..thanks to the mild climate and fertile soil, this sun drenched country has amazing local produce which also make it an off the beaten path, culinary adventure waiting to be experienced.

Let’s start our mouth watering, culinary tour of the best restaurants in Santorini and Crete on the Greek island of Crete.

This large island on the very southern part of Greece is famous for its divine treats made from the freshest local ingredients. Dairy products, fresh honey, aromatic herbs, vegetables and various products  grown in the Cretan mountains are the valuable elements of what is called the miracle of Cretan cuisine. Wherever you stay in Crete you are sure to find a tavern or restaurant serving exceptional dishes to quench your appetite.

To experience the best of Cretan cuisine, along with the bright Greek sunshine in a purely Cretan setting, then go to Agios Nikolaos where the beautiful premises of Minos Palace lie right in front of the sea overlooking the gulf of Mirabello.

This exceptional property also houses the Kulinarium Inblu Tavern, where guests can enjoy local dishes made with the freshest, local produce with a local flair.

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Don’t forget to try a type of tapa (meze in Greek), such as ntakos-rusk with feta cheese and chopped tomatoes on top, hohlious bourbouristous-snails cooked in red sauce, or the delicious yet absolutely forbidden for people on a strict diet, omelet with staka cheese or apaki-smoked pork (deadly good!)

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Although Crete is quite big and your time might not be enough to explore the whole island, every area, village or town has its very special culinary corners and “hidden gems”.  In case you find yourself in quaint Rethymnon,  definitely try Alana Restaurant in the old town. Here, you’ll get the chance to savor some creative Cretan cooking and fine local wine!

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Not very far from Crete, there is another place that most people travel to for its stunning beauty and iconic, picture perfect vistas. The volcanic island of Santorini is not only one of the most popular islands in Greece, but also the center of gastronomy for foodies that love unusual, delicate and authentic tastes. The island’s cuisine is mainly based on its agricultural produce grown in its volcanic soil, flavors influenced by the sea breeze and the bright Greek sun.

For superbly presented local recipes made with seasonal ingredients and served in the peaceful surroundings of an old Santorini village, make sure you visit Megalochori village in the island’s mainland.

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Here, you’ll find Raki, a quaint tavern located on the village square offering only the best of the local and Greek cuisine. Sometimes you can even dine in the sound of traditional music played by local musicians on the square.

For those of you who wish to live an absolutely traditional experience, involving much more than fun and food, Santorini Villas and Mansions feature Cycladic style properties that used to link with the wine production flourishing in the village during the previous century.

Discerning travelers that want to get the most out of their stay in this fantastic island, can soak up the amazing views offered from the edge of the Caldera and at the same time enjoy exceptional local dishes in the brand new restaurant “Kali Orexi”, or bon appétit, of luxurious Astarte Suites in Akrotiri.

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The Astarte chef prepares traditional, as well as Mediterranean treats to leave your palate absolutely delighted. To dine in style visit the Light Mediterranean food & bar of Art Maisons, which is perched on the volcanic cliffs of Oia overlooking the vast Aegean Sea and the imposing volcano right in the middle. Here, you’ll taste fresh salads and seafood, as well as an abundance of grilled specialties.

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People with an appetite for good food are sure to find their paradise in these off the beaten path culinary gems of the Greek islands. If you are a food lover, set your sights on Greece and you will be able to look forward to a trip rich in culinary delights and incredible, local cuisine!


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