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Next time you are traveling through MSP, make sure to stop here! They even serve breakfast!

New Asian Restaurant in MSP Airport

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Pei Wei Asian Restaurant at the MSP airport
Next time you are traveling through MSP, make sure to stop here! They even serve breakfast!

Should I start with the delectable hint of lemongrass, garlic, mint and cilantro intermingling playfully in my dish?  Or the lovely, crispy rice noodles sitting quietly on the side of the dish, waiting for my culinary pleasure.  Maybe it was the succulent, tangy asian slaw that looked so pretty and colorful adorning the top of my chicken.

Giving additional consideration to the fact that they offer a choice for wholesome, healthy brown rice with my freshly prepared dish, and it all adds up to a tantalizing new fast food option in the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP).

I am not sure when this new restaurant opened.  It came into my awareness when we were flying out of here on our last trip and it has been floating in the ether of my subconscious ever since, awaiting re-discovery.

The service was yet something else to rave about.  I let the person taking my order know that I had never eaten there before.  He proceeded to take time to explain the menu in detail and the fact that all dishes were prepared fresh in an open kitchen.  He then highlighed the options that he thought would be best for me, and he actually sounded excited about the food!  From that very point, I was sold.

Hot, fresh Asian food is a new concept at MSP (and indeed, it is not the norm for airport Asian restaurants.)  Finding a replacement for the bland, dull Asian cuisine that has been the norm here has been on my wish list for a while.  Make sure to stop here next time you are passing through MSP!



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