2012 Tucson Gem Show: My Favorite Healing Stone Vendors

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It is hard to describe to anyone who has never been to the Tucson Gem Show just how large it is. I am a massage therapist, so my main interest in going to the show is not beads or jewelry making supplies, nor am I generally interested in finding rough stones (there are PLENTY of all of these things, all over the show if this is what you are looking for.)

My main goal in coming here is to find stones that are carved and smooth and will work well for the type of healing work that I do.

For tonight’s blog post, I wanted to share four vendors that caught my attention this year  that carry items for healing for massage therapists and others who do healing work:

Our favorite Shiva Lingham vendor at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Shiva Lingham Stones are some of my favorite stones for healing work and massage therapy!

They come only from a specific river in India, and they have a great, calm, healing and balancing energies.  They come naturally in the smooth, oval shape that you see in the photo above because they are tumbled by the motion of the water in this form.

The best place that we have found to purchase these at gem show is a booth called Mineral India. It is located in the courtyard of the Days Inn on Hotel Row. Prices here are significantly lower than the prices in stones shops at home.

Crystals, Gemstone Essences, Crystal Bowls, giant shivas and lots of happiness:  Marilyn and Thomas Twintreess are two joyful souls who are friends of ours and they have beautiful, happy stones and crystals that are overjoyed to help you in your healing work.  They can be found at the gem show on Hotel Row on the second floor of the Clarion (formerly La Quinta) hotel.

The name of their company is AhhhMuse.  Click on the name to check out their website.  Make sure to stop in next time you are at gem show.  They have many healing resources and tools available that can help you in your healing work.

Singing Bowls: I found two great sources for singing bowls today. We experienced a demonstration of their incredible healing powers today when a large bowl relaxed every muscle in my body in about 30 seconds.

I found two great sources for singing bowls today. They were both located in the River Park Inn. The first, Kathmandu Imports, has the BEST prices for singing bowls that I have found at the gem show so far. Small bowls were about $14 and medium sized ones were selling for $22.

My second great singing bowl find of the day was when I walked into Suren Shrestha’s shop today.  Suren has been trained in the traditional healing techniques of Nepal using sound vibrations and he teaches workshops all over the world.  His singing bowls were amazing, and he offers a book to teach some of the healing techniques (the proceeds of which go towards building an orphanage in Eastern Tibet.  Check out Suren Shrestha’s website for more information.

Tucson Gem Show Village Originals Tent

Village Originals: Tumbled Stones, Himalayan Salt Lamps and “Therapy Stones”:  Village Naturals occupies a large tent on the east side of the Electric Park gem show in Tucson.  This place has the BEST prices on Himalayan Salt Lamps (usually about $4.75…I have seen them on sale at home for $25 or more) as well as decent prices on a variety of tumbled stones by the pound and these great stones that they carry called “therapy stones”, which are polished all over, flat on one side and rounded on the other so they can be used as massage stones or laid flat on the body for energy work.

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