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Viking Splash Duck Boat Tour

What to do in Dublin: Viking Splash Tours (the BEST tour in Dublin!)

Are you looking for suggestions about what to do in Dublin ?  I have a great one.  I can point you in the direction of the very best tour in Dublin. Hands down, the most entertaining, enjoyable tour in Dublin (and one of the best tours that we have ever been on anywhere, for that matter): Viking Splash […]

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The Making of Harry Potter

Looking Down the Road: Where was Harry Potter Filmed? The Making of Harry Potter tour in London at Warner Brothers Studios in London

Have you ever wondered, ” Where was Harry Potter Filmed ?”  Some of the answers to your questions might be waiting in London. “The Making of Harry Potter” at the Warner Brother’s Studios in London is opening March 31st, 2012,  and this is defintely on our family’s to do list. I am always looking for […]

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Should you visit the Long Neck Karen tribe in Thailand or not?

I felt trepidation about our upcoming tour stop at a hill tribe village.  After seeing iconic photos of the Karen ” Long Neck ” hill tribe women in National Geographic and other publications over the years, my husband wanted to see for himself these women who have made such a unique lifestyle choice.The whole thing […]

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Segovia Aqueduct

Trip Planning for a Short Trip: How to get the most our of your time

So, lets say you only have  a day or two in a city and you want to make sure you make the most of your limited time.  Or perhaps you have a long layover in an airport and you want to try to see something of the city that you are in. Whether you have […]

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Free Walking Tours

The Pros and Cons of Free Walking Tours

It seems like every city we visit in Europe (and many in the United States) now offer free walking tours of the highlights of their city.  These  free walking tours can be a budget friendly way to get a good overview of the city that you are visiting and its people, places and history. There are […]

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