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A 1,000 year old wat near Chiang Dao Nest, Thailand

Fabulous Friday Foto: A 1,000 Year Old Temple in Chiang Dao Thailand

This temple looked older than time itself.  It was slowly deteriorating, and it looked like the moss growing all over it might have been playing a role in holding it together.  Quiet hung around the ancient monument like a child hanging on its mother’s skirts.  The atmosphere in this off the beaten path temple in […]

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Worship At Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Fabulous Friday Foto: Incense and Offerings At A Temple in Thailand

I found the sincerity of the offerings that we saw being made at the temples that we visited around Thailand to be refreshing.  It was clearly evident that the majority of the people who were there to worship at the temple in Thailand felt a deep connected to their faith.  They had taken time out […]

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The bells at Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

Fabulous Friday Foto: Bells at a Temple in Thailand

The giant bells fascinated me at this temple in Thailand.  What a beautiful way to announce your prayers!  We saw bells like these at a number of different Buddhist temples around the country.  Can anyone enlighten me about exactly how these are used in Buddhist practice?

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Thai Papaya Salad

Overcoming a Fear of Spicy Food in Thailand

I have never been a fan of spicy foods.  I was always the one that thought that something was spicy when no one else did, gulping down water and wiping tears from my eyes.  That was until I tried the food in Thailand. My taste buds just haven’t been the same since!   The food in […]

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Our budget for thailand for one week

A Our Budget for Thailand for One Week: A Report on the the Cost of Living in Thailand

Here is a play by play list of all the things that we spent our bahts on while in Thailand.  We visited Thailand in December of 2011 for 8 nights.  I hope that this will give you an idea of how much your trip will cost and allow you to budget for Thailand appropriately. Lodging: […]

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Thai chili peppers

Visiting a Thailand Market; A Photo Essay

A visit to the local market is always a highlight of any trip for me. When we walked into the Thailand market , my senses were assaulted with a number of unusual sights and smells. The pungent smell of fresh chili peppers and unusual herbs and spices tickled my nose.  Fresh fish and seafood of […]

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Thailand or Japan

Thailand or Japan? A useful Comparison Between the Two Countries

Are you considering whether you should go to Thailand or Japan on your next vacation? The points of comparison below should help you to make an informed decision. Thailand or Japan? Weather: No contest here, Thailand has much nicer weather at this time of year (January). It is colder here in Tokyo right now than […]

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Beautiful beaches in Thailand

What to Do in Thailand: Things I Missed in Thailand This Time

You know what they say about the best laid schemes of mice and men, right?  Thailand took my carefully laid out travel itinerary and reshuffled it like a lunatic black jack dealer reshuffling a deck.  We had our ideas for what to do in Thailand and they did not all work as planned. The trip […]

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Shanna and Aaron at the Summit of Doi Pui

Hiking in Thailand: Our Hike with the Chiang Mai Hiking Club

Looking for an off the beaten path activity in Chiang Mai?  A chance to connect with the local community and see something that might generally be off the tourist radar?  You should check out the Chiang Mai Hiking Club! On the day we visited, there was a solid group of about 40 local Thais and […]

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Street food in Thailand

Thailand Street Food Recap

I was thoroughly confused.  I had been doing my due diligence on the internet with regards to street food in Thailand and have come to no conclusive stance one way or there other as to whether eating it posed a threat to out lives or not. I had heard and read many different opinions about whether eating […]

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