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A rainbow in the Scottish highlands

Fabulous Friday Foto: A Rainbow Seen While In the Highlands of Scotland

The abundance of rain that falls on the Highlands of Scotland does have a upside. Lots and lots of rainbows. This photo was taken while we were driving around the Highlands near Fort William. The clouds parted and the sun came out for just long enough for us to snap this photo. If you have […]

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Red Phone Booth Scotland

Fabulous Friday Foto: An Out of the Way Red Phone Booth in the Scottish Highlands

Ah, the ubiquitous red telephone booth.  It is such a well known symbol of all that is Brittish.  You never have to worry about being far from a phone in the UK.  You can be well connected even out here, on the western edge of Scotland in the Scottish Highlands on the Isle of Skye, where we […]

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Fish and Chips

The Best Fish and Chips in Scotland

The grease seeped tantalizingly through the paper wrapper as I unwrapped my precious bundle like a child on Christmas morning.  I had been waiting for months, trying to hold back my excitement and now the moment was finally here. I impatiently bit into the too hot piece of fish, sinking my teeth into the firm […]

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Whiskey in a gas station in Scotland

Looking Down and Road: Spirit of Speyside Whiskey Festival

The selection of whiskey available in a gas station in Scotland is bigger than many liquor stores here in the USA. I don’t care what most women think.  Whiskey is not just for the boys. In all honesty, I didn’t drink whiskey before our first trip to Scotland.  I also had no idea at the […]

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Fireworks display

Hogmanay in Edinburgh – Celebrating New Years Eve Scottish Style!

There is a slight chance, if all of the planets align properly and the standby travel angels are looking over us, that we might get to go somewhere really cool for New Year’s Eve this year.  Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland. The planets did not align properly last New Year’s Eve (and I think the standby […]

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Undulating landmasses in the unusual Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Dumfries, Scotland.

Looking Down the Road: The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland

Can a garden help you understand the principles of good and evil, heaven and hell and other similarly deep subjects such as the very meaning and nature of the universe? It can if it is the remarkable Garden of Cosmic Speculation.  The garden has been Built by Charles Jencks in honor of his late wife Maggie.  Jencks […]

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Loch Shiel and the Glenfinnan Momument, Scotland

Fabulous Friday Foto: Lake Shiel and the Glenfinnan Monument, Scotland

Loch Shiel is a beautiful valley located in the highlands of Scotland. It was here in 1745 that Bonnie Prince Charlie (the last Scottish Prince) raised his standard in an effort to unite the Jacobites to try to retake the throne of Scotland from English control. The Jacobites were defeated at the battle of Culloden, […]

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Sheep and Thistle in the Scottish Highlands

Fabulous Friday Foto: Scottish Highlands Pictures of Sheep and Thistle

The thistle is the national flower of Scotland, and the sheep were everywhere on the Isle of Skye in the Scottish highlands.  This photo was captured along the side of the road as we were riving around the Isle of Skye.

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isle of Skye Scotland

The Isle Of Skye Scotland: Awe Inspiring Scenery on Scotland’s West Coast

Scotland’s real crown jewels aren’t encased deep inside Edinburgh Castle …they are located further west, on an Isle that makes you feel like you are on another world entirely. No place yet has captured my heart and soul the way that the wondrous land of Scotland has, and the Isle of Skye is arguably one […]

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The Red Lion Pub in Avebury, one of our lunch stops.

Reminiscing about our Favorite United Kingdom Pubs

I visited the Contented Cow the other night.  It is our local British pub, and the next best thing to being at a pub in the United Kingdom.  I had a great time, and it gt me reminiscing about the great pubs that we visited on our trip to the UK in June of 2011. […]

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