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Garabit Viaduct France

Hello, Again Mr. Gustave Eiffel

So, silly me.  I thought that Gustave Eiffel’s only masterpiece was that crazy pointed tower in Paris!  I discovered this summer that I was so wrong!  Mr. Eiffel was a busy bee, and he designed structures in countries all around the world. In addition to having his fingers in the design of a certain well […]

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Families picnicking at the Pont du Gard Aqueduct

Postcards from Provence: A Sunny Day Spent with the Romans in France

It was hot today. Sweating, clothes soaked, really need a shower hot. We got our first real dose of south of France sunshine. For obvious reasons, the first city that people think of when they think of Romans is Rome, but the Romans were conquerors and they left their mark all over Europe.  The south […]

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Full moon above Prague

Fabulous Friday Foto: Prague Photo of the Full Moon

We spent a lovely evening walking along the Charles Bridge and the Vltava river in Prague. This Prague photo of the full moon was beautiful and cast a wonderful reflection on the river.

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Near Boiling River, Yellowstone, Montana

Looking Down the Road: Visiting Boiling River Yellowstone

There is magic in hot water.  For something so simple to be so wonderful and take away so many aches and pains, it just about has to have magic in it. For me, how water in the middle of a Minnesota winter is like ambrosia or the nectar or life or something equally as amazing.  […]

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Prague castle at dusk

Fabulous Friday Foto: Photos of Prague Castle at Dusk

Prague is a beautiful city, and the crown jewel of it is Prague Castle, rising majestically over the Vltava River. Prague was one of very few European cities that was almost undamaged during WWII, and its fabled spires and cobblestone streets make for an enchanting place to visit.

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