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When Off the Beaten Path Restaurant Plans Go Wrong

I am very proud of my “hole in the wall” radar, that finely honed sense that sets alarm bells blaring in my head when we run across one of those great, off the beaten path sorts of places. You know which ones I am talking about – those places that have been there forever and are […]

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Off the Beaten Path Orlando: Foodie Heaven Found in Orlando Suburb

Yellow Dog Eats was a welcome respite after driving past miles upon miles of generic, tasteless tourist traps.  I had yet to see a restaurant in the Orlando area that really looked like it has something worthwhile to eat. The restaurant is built in a 100 year old general store.  It was out in the […]

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Travel Off the Beaten Path: 6 Tips for Finding Authentic, Local Food

The holy grail of travel off the beaten path (for me, anyways):  finding that local restaurant where they are serving great, cheap local cuisine with no tourists to be found.  I am talking about the type of restaurant that is one big adventure, because no one speaks English, and there might not be a menu […]

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Spring roll assortment, appetizer, dinner at Tamarind on our Holland America cruise

Holland America Dining: Tamarind

Graceful and relaxing.  These are the first words that come into my mind when I think about dining in the Tamarind Restaurant on the Holland America Eurodam.  Dining in the Tamarind is not just a meal but an experience to be savored next time you are on one of Holland America’s Signature Class ships! Our […]

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5 Recommended Places for a Meal with a View in Sydney Australia

This post is brought to you by Accommodation.com Sydney is home to many lovely places for enjoying an awe-inspiring view whilst munching happily away on delicious morsels. Our team at Accommodation.com have thoroughly scoured the city to recommend five great places you must visit. Romantics and sight-seers in particular, will also be captivated by each venue’s […]

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Local liqueurs (which we ended up buying some of) in the quaint little street market next to Sacre Couer Basilica in Paris.

International Travel Tips: 13 Things to do on Your First Day in a City

1) Take a break immediately upon arrival.  This piece of advice from the Wandering Earl Blog is brilliant.  Sit.  Chill.  Have some coffee at a cafe in the airport.  Instead of running, exhausted and flustered, for the first train you see, sit down, relax and make a plan. 2) Ask your taxi driver where to eat.  […]

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Bowl of noodles at the vending machine restaurant in Tokyo

Our First Tokyo Dining Experience: Vending Machine Restaurant in Tokyo

Tokyo has been slightly intimidating. No, change that. Tokyo has been very intimidating. We have been managing, but nothing seems to be easy. It has been testing all of our foreign travel skills much moreso than our previous travels to Europe or even to Thailand have (Thailand was very westernized in many ways, and EVERYTHING […]

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Leo Burdock's fish and chips in Dublin

Where to Find The Best Fish and Chips in Dublin

I love fish and chips. I crave them at odd moments when I am not expecting it. The thought of that greasy, salty goodness makes me salivate. I have yet to find fish and chips here in the US that measures up to what we have had across the pond, so seeking out the best […]

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Dublin Mongolian Barbecue

Budget Dining Restaurant in Dublin: Healthy, Inexpensive Cuisine at Dublin’s Mongolian Barbecue

After a heaping helping of greasy wonderfulness in the form of the “best fish and chips in Ireland” yesterday, I found myself needing intake of a vegetable other than a potato. I found what I was looking for in the form of the Mongolian Barbecue, centrally located in the Temple Bar area of Dublin. For […]

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A quaint roadside restaurant that we stopped at in Chiang Dao Thailand for lunch that was right on the river.

Off the Beaten Path in Thailand: Our Thai Food Culinary Adventure

Since we arrived in Chiang Dao, we have been staying at Chiang Dao Nest I then II, both of which have lovely restuarants, so we really have not had to venture too far off the beaten path Thailand as far as food is concerned. We are always striving for authentic culinary experiences while traveling. This consideration, coupled […]

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