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Travel In Focus: Places to Visit in Paris

Travel in Focus is a monthly feature highlighting the best travel tips and suggestions for a particular place from around the web.  Check out the internet’s best travel writing about Places to Visit in Paris to help you plan your trip! Paris Focused Blogs Hip Paris Blog: Tips and insights about touring, renting and living […]

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Saint Chapelle Paris

Fabulous Friday Foto: Inside Sainte Chapelle in Paris

Sainte Chapelle is a must see on any trip to Paris.  It was built in 1239 by Louis IX to house ancient Christian relics, including the crown of thorns (which was subsequently moved to Notre Dame Cathedral after its completion in 1345). Sainte Chapelle in Paris is one of those rare places that really does look […]

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Fabulous Friday Photo: Images of Paris from near the Eiffel Tower

I was absolutely giddy as we walked through the street of Paris towards to Eiffel tower.  The fact that I can get on an airplane, fly halfways around the world and wake up in another culture still amazes me and takes my breath away, even after all the places that we have been.  The first […]

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Postcards from Provence: Going to France

Today was a beautiful start to a much needed vacation.  I have really been looking forward to going to France . Once we got to know our rental car, my feet couldn’t help but tread a familiar path into the heart of Paris for a quick hello to the Eiffel Tower, that Grand Dame that […]

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French Flag

Looking Down the Road: Bastille Day in France

“No dictator, no invader, can hold an imprisoned population by force of arms forever. There is no greater power in the universe than the need for freedom. Against that power, governments and tyrants and armies cannot stand.” J. Michael Straczynski Freedom lovers everywhere should rejoice with our French cousins each year on July 14th.  On […]

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Romance in Paris

Romance in Paris: Six Ideas for a Romance Filled Day

I know that this article is sounding like a horrible cliché and it hasn’t even started yet. As a travel writer, it is somewhat expected that I will come up with something unexpected; an exotic, little heard of destination for my pick for the most romantic place on earth. Perhaps some secluded island paradise, or […]

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Moulin Rouge Paris France

What to do in Paris: An Evening Out in Paris

Looking for ideas about what to do in Paris ? Read on for ideas for a night out around Monmarte and Pigalle. Pigalle, Paris: Pigalle is Paris’ red light district.  Soldiers during World War II nicknamed the place “pig alley” because of its seedy reputation, but it was actually named after a French sculptor. Pigalle has had […]

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Are French People Rude?

Are French People Rude?

French people get a bad rap (particularly those who live in Paris). Nearly everybody that I have talked to that has been to France tells me that they found the French people rude, short or stuck up with them. My sampling pool for these opinions include rookie travelers as well as veteran travelers, so the […]

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A statue of Henry IV next to the Pont Neuf Bridge

Conspiracy, accusations, executions: the Pont Neuf Bridge, the Knights Templar and Friday the 13th

This picture is of the Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris.  It is a lovely spot, just down the Seine River from Notre Dame.  It is unique for the fact that it the oldest bridge in Paris (though not one single stone is original, they have all been replaced at some point or another.) The Pont […]

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Locks of Love in Paris

Fabulous Friday Foto: Locks of Love in Paris

These locks of love in Paris are an appropriate symbol for the city of love. The atmosphere of romance just seeps from the pores of the city, catching you up in its sultry embrace. Lovers put these locks on bridges in Paris, as a symbol of their eternal love. Many of them don’t realize that […]

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