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Off the Beaten Path Orlando: A Cheap Day Trip

Orlando can be an expensive destination!  Theme park tickets, meals, hotels can all eat into your budget and make you feel like your pockets must have holes in them the the money is just falling out! If you are looking for a cheap, low key afternoon of escape from theme park induced madness (or looking […]

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When Off the Beaten Path Restaurant Plans Go Wrong

I am very proud of my “hole in the wall” radar, that finely honed sense that sets alarm bells blaring in my head when we run across one of those great, off the beaten path sorts of places. You know which ones I am talking about – those places that have been there forever and are […]

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Travel Off the Beaten Path: 6 Tips for Finding Authentic, Local Food

The holy grail of travel off the beaten path (for me, anyways):  finding that local restaurant where they are serving great, cheap local cuisine with no tourists to be found.  I am talking about the type of restaurant that is one big adventure, because no one speaks English, and there might not be a menu […]

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The Temple of Mithras in Basilica San Clemente

Layers of History: Off the Beaten Path-Basilica San Clemente Rome

Our visit to Basilica San Clemente, an off the beaten path destination in Rome, Italy.

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