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Things to do in Nice France on a Budget

Things to do in Nice France on a Budget

France can be expensive, but Nice can be a budget travel oasis in an otherwise expensive country for thirsty, cash strapped travelers.  There are a lot of great things to do in Nice France even if your budget is a little slim! Here are some budget travel tidbits that I picked up while traveling in Nice […]

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traveling with baby

The Realities of Traveling with Baby

Different.  Not better or worse, but traveling with baby is definitely different. We trudged from the airport weighted down with all of our bags, the baby in his pouch on my chest because the stroller was being used to portage our caravan of accouterments, extra suitcases of baby food and other supplies and a car […]

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Slow Travel

Do You Want your Travel Experience From an Eye Dropper or a Bucket?

We used to do busy trips.  You know exactly the kind that I am talking about.  When there is just so much that you HAVE to see, and so little time to see it in that you cram your schedule full from morning until night so that you don’t feel like anything was left out. […]

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Lavender, Cote du Rhone, France

Nice is nice! Escaping on a French Holiday!

France is whispering in my ear.  “Come, Mon Cherie, visit me please?  It has been too long since you enjoyed my fine wines, luscious foods and excellent pastries“. Really, I am spoiled.  It has been too long.  It has been two years since our last international adventure.  Pregnancy, then baby took its toll on my […]

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Garabit Viaduct France

Hello, Again Mr. Gustave Eiffel

So, silly me.  I thought that Gustave Eiffel’s only masterpiece was that crazy pointed tower in Paris!  I discovered this summer that I was so wrong!  Mr. Eiffel was a busy bee, and he designed structures in countries all around the world. In addition to having his fingers in the design of a certain well […]

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Driving in France: How I Overcame My Fear of Driving in a Foreign Land

I got the same reaction from a number of stunned co-workers.  “What?!?!  You are renting a car and driving in France?  Are you crazy!”  Apparently, the European reputation for being crazy, fast aggressive drivers had reached the awareness of my colleagues. Their reactions were not particularly helpful to me.  I was already a little nervous about driving […]

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Cote du Rhone Villages

Fabulous Friday Foto: Picturesque Medieval Village in the South of France

Little, picturesque, medieval villages dot the countryside in the South of France like jewels in a crown.  This photo was taken in Entrechaux, France, after an exhilarating bicycle adventure. Because these villages in the Cote du Rhone region of France are not well connected by public transit (you really need to have a car), they are relatively light on […]

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Travel In Focus: Places to Visit in Paris

Travel in Focus is a monthly feature highlighting the best travel tips and suggestions for a particular place from around the web.  Check out the internet’s best travel writing about Places to Visit in Paris to help you plan your trip! Paris Focused Blogs Hip Paris Blog: Tips and insights about touring, renting and living […]

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Shanna and the baguette in front of Notre Dame

Reverse Culture Shock: 8 Things That Are Irritating Me Since I Left France

Most of the time, I hear people talking about going into “culture shock” when they arrive in a foreign country.  For me, when I left France, the culture shock that I experienced was the shock of returning to the United States.  There are so many things here now that never really irritated me before, but […]

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Mediterranean, South of France

Fabulous Friday Foto: The South of France – Endless Miles of Sun Kissed Coastline

Ah, the beautiful coast line of the south of France on the Mediterranean ocean!  Perpetually blue water that looks to good to be true, kissing endless miles of beautiful beaches and dramatic coastline.  This looks even more inviting now than it did when I was visiting France in July (the cold weather is just setting in here […]

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