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The Best Restaurants in Santorini and Crete: A Foodie’s Tour

Greece is popular place for sun worshiping beach lovers, but it has a double identity..thanks to the mild climate and fertile soil, this sun drenched country has amazing local produce which also make it an off the beaten path, culinary adventure waiting to be experienced. Let’s start our mouth watering, culinary tour of the best restaurants […]

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Indoor market, Helsinki, Finland

Markets Of The World: Helsinki Finland

The very first post in this series if from Ayngelina from the travel blog Bacon is Magic!  Her video takes you inside the New Market in Helsinki Finland just like you were right there with her.  When we visited this market, I remember the strong smells of fresh fish and the pungent aromas of local […]

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Food in Santa Fe

Must Try Food in Santa Fe New Mexico

The local cuisine in Santa Fe, NM is unique.  Locals will tell you adamantly that it is “New Mexican” and not Mexican food, and they are very right. Vibrant, unique flavors and interesting textures permeated my meals while I was visiting Santa Fe.  Here are some ideas about food in Santa Fe , New Mexico […]

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Travel Off the Beaten Path: 6 Tips for Finding Authentic, Local Food

The holy grail of travel off the beaten path (for me, anyways):  finding that local restaurant where they are serving great, cheap local cuisine with no tourists to be found.  I am talking about the type of restaurant that is one big adventure, because no one speaks English, and there might not be a menu […]

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How not to gain weight on a cruise

Cruise Tips: How to NOT Gain Weight on a Cruise

Just because you are on a cruise doesn’t mean that you are doomed to gain multiple pant sizes by the time that you return!  Here are some cruise tips that will help you upon your return to fit into the same clothes that you left in: Take the stairs!  In many cases, it will be […]

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Fish and Chips

Food around the World: Foods to Travel to the Other Side of the World For

There are some foods that just don’t taste the same here at home no matter how many restaurants I try them in. Here is a list of food around the world that I would travel to the other side of the world for: Fish and Chips: I have written at length before about my intense love […]

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Dining Options on your Holland America HAL Cruise

Dining Options on Your Holland America Cruise

Depending on which stunning Holland America Cruise ship you are on, you will have a plethora of dining options at your disposal.  Here is a breakdown on the amazing culinary options that you may have available to you on your Holland America Cruise!: Tamarind: Available on Holland America’s Signature class ships, the Tamarind was by far my […]

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French Pastries at a boulangerie in France

Postcards from Provence: Waking up to French Pastries

Our day started out as so many days in France seem to; eating French pastries at the boulangerie for breakfast before embarking on our adventure. What is it that makes the bread and pastries in France so much better than anywhere else that I have ever visited? Some magic possessed by French bakers that has […]

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Fish and Chips

The Best Fish and Chips in Scotland

The grease seeped tantalizingly through the paper wrapper as I unwrapped my precious bundle like a child on Christmas morning.  I had been waiting for months, trying to hold back my excitement and now the moment was finally here. I impatiently bit into the too hot piece of fish, sinking my teeth into the firm […]

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Cherry tomatoes at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market

The Importance of Including Local Farmers Markets in Your Travel Plans

Blackberries at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market This morning has taken me in an unexpected direction. I am currently in Harrisonburg, VA on a visit to some friends. My day’s plans came via text message. “Farmers market this morning till noon!!! Bike down Wolfe Street to Liberty Street, head left.” I love visiting local markets, especially […]

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