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Fish and Chips

Food around the World: Foods to Travel to the Other Side of the World For

There are some foods that just don’t taste the same here at home no matter how many restaurants I try them in. Here is a list of food around the world that I would travel to the other side of the world for: Fish and Chips: I have written at length before about my intense love […]

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Shanna and the baguette in front of Notre Dame

Reverse Culture Shock: 8 Things That Are Irritating Me Since I Left France

Most of the time, I hear people talking about going into “culture shock” when they arrive in a foreign country.  For me, when I left France, the culture shock that I experienced was the shock of returning to the United States.  There are so many things here now that never really irritated me before, but […]

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French Pastries at a boulangerie in France

Postcards from Provence: Waking up to French Pastries

Our day started out as so many days in France seem to; eating French pastries at the boulangerie for breakfast before embarking on our adventure. What is it that makes the bread and pastries in France so much better than anywhere else that I have ever visited? Some magic possessed by French bakers that has […]

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Postcards from Provence: Going to France

Today was a beautiful start to a much needed vacation.  I have really been looking forward to going to France . Once we got to know our rental car, my feet couldn’t help but tread a familiar path into the heart of Paris for a quick hello to the Eiffel Tower, that Grand Dame that […]

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Street scene, Latin Quarter, Paris.

Strategies for Budget Dining in Paris

What all of the blogs and forums say about Paris is absolutely true.  It is one of the most expensive cities in the world,  particularly for those of us like me with a husband with a stomach that is like a bottomless pit and a teenage brother traveling with us that seems to need nourishment […]

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