Markets of the World: Mercado Hidalgo, Tijuana Mexico

A sunny Tuesday morning my husband and I decided to cross the border to Tijuana, Baja California. Our car was left at one of the parking lots in San Diego and a short bus ride took us to the center of town. The walk between the Centro and the Zona Rio is less than a […]

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Australia Kangaroo

A Guide to the Best Things to do in Australia – What You Need to Know Before Travelling

If Australia is on your bucket list then you are definitely not alone. Every year over 6 million people visit Australia to take in its natural wonders and explore its undeniable beauty. Before we discuss the best things to do in Australia, it is important to address some of the questions which create silly Australian […]

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Markets of The World: Local Farmers Markets in Orlando Florida

I have been forever changed.  I might not be able to eat citrus fruit from the grocery store at home in Minnesota ever again. I was truly not prepared for the sudden explosion of flavor in my mouth.  I had no idea what to anticipate.  The only recent flavor reference that I had for citrus […]

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Singapore Pagoda Garden

Things to do in Singapore – Shopping, Turtles, Temples and Tea

A modern city with deep roots, Singapore really does have something of interest for everyone!  Nature, shopping, kids activities, amazing adventures…take your pick!  Here are some suggestions to get you started. Shopping: Orchard Road  started its incarnation as a center for shopping activity in Singapore in 1903.  Now one of the cities main shopping and […]

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Off the Beaten Path Orlando: Foodie Heaven Found in Orlando Suburb

Yellow Dog Eats was a welcome respite after driving past miles upon miles of generic, tasteless tourist traps.  I had yet to see a restaurant in the Orlando area that really looked like it has something worthwhile to eat. The restaurant is built in a 100 year old general store.  It was out in the […]

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This barbed wire helps to recreate barriers on the beach that had been put in place by the Nazis hinder the Allies' progress.

Blogging Tips – Goals for 2014

If anyone wants to read (I write this as much for myself so I can look back on it as I do for my audience)…here is a rundown of my goals for 2014!  First, a look back… Wow.  What to say about 2013 as it relates to my life and my blog? Unfortunately, 2013 for […]

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Florida Alligator

Things to do in Kissimmee Florida – Our Encounter With A Swamp Monster

We rounded the corner and suddenly, there he was, massive and silent staring at me with his reptilian eyes.   He looked like a prehistoric monster, sunning himself in the mud of the swamp and  I could imagine one small movement of his massive tail effortlessly knocking me over. Our tour guide, Chris, informed us […]

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Markets Of The World: Markets when you Travel to Fiji

Nadi Spice Market in Viti Levu (also known as the Central Market) is a simple covered market where locals come to sell their produce and hang out with their friends and family.  This is a great place to get a taste of local culture if you travel to Fiji. You’ll see tables laden (often sparsely) […]

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Key Lime Pie in Florida

Heaven in My Mouth – Key Lime Pie in Cocoa Beach Florida

For me, the magic of a great piece of key lime pie comes from the juxtaposition of real, lip smacking tartness of the limes and the thick, creamy texture of the filling. I consider myself somewhat of a key lime pie connoisseur.  Unfortunately, I have tried many an unsatisfying slice of the stuff. Sometimes, the […]

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Markets of the World: Borough Market London

Getting there, sort of We got out of the London Bridge underground station at Borough High Street. The map I had showed that the entrance to Borough Market was right in front of the tube exit, so we crossed the street and started looking. But nothing. We went into some alleys, looked behind some corners. […]

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Airport Passenger with luggage

5 Packing Tips for Choosing a Backpack for Travel + A GIVEAWAY!

I am a big proponent of traveling with only a carry on bag whenever possible (I am actually quite proud of the fact that I can travel for 2 plus weeks in a carry on sized backpack!) Choosing a good backpack is the best packing tips that I can give a light weight, mobile traveler […]

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Indoor market, Helsinki, Finland

Markets Of The World: Helsinki Finland

The very first post in this series if from Ayngelina from the travel blog Bacon is Magic!  Her video takes you inside the New Market in Helsinki Finland just like you were right there with her.  When we visited this market, I remember the strong smells of fresh fish and the pungent aromas of local […]

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Fun For All at the Miami Seaquarium

  Fun for all at the Miami Seaquarium  The wild and wonderful Seaquarium in Miami is a 38 acre extravaganza of aquaria, shows and exhibits. Located on Virginia Key in Biscayne Bay, it is a short drive and easily accessible with Avis car hire from Miami.  The Seaquarium was founded in 1955, which makes it […]

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What I miss most about travelling

6 Things That I Miss Most About Travelling

I took my last trip almost 5 months ago.  Anyone who knows how much I am used to travelling will readily see that for me, this seems like an eternity. There is a good reason for my hiatus, and I have plenty of other things to keep me busy at the moment, but that doesn’t […]

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Changes: 5 Lessone Learned from Traveling with Baby

Babies change everything.  Especially travel. I had never put so much though into the process of going through the security line at the airport.  I planned out every move, every necessary action in the security dance, aware that every forgotten detail would become infinitely more difficult with a potentially fussy baby in arms and other […]

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Things to Do in Santa Fe: The Most Fun I Have Ever Had on Four Legs

I gave up going horseback riding on vacation long ago.  I have been on enough of those summer vacation trail rides to know that they generally bore me. The scenery is nice, but plodding along at a walk in a long line of un-enthused, un-interested horses who walk the same trail day after day is […]

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Santa Fe Frito Pie

The Frito Pie: A Santa Fe Food Experience

The American food experience is less like a blanket and more like a patchwork quilt.  There is not one type of taste of food that encompasses the American food experience.  If you were to pick the quintessential “American” food, what would it be?  Apple Pie?  Hamburgers?  Chicago Style Pizza? I am always on the lookout […]

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Things to do in Santa Fe: Ancient Cliff Dwellings in Bandelier National Monument

Bandelier National Monument should be a no-brainer if you are visiting Santa Fe, NM.  It makes for an easy, relaxed full day trip from Santa Fe with a picnic lunch and some hiking, or can be combined into a half day trip with a visit to Los Alamos, NM. The area around Bandelier National Monument […]

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Peace ribbons at the edge of the DMZ in South Korea

Travel and World Peace: How Traveling the World has Changed My Perspective

The world news has been catching my attention lately in a way that it hasn’t in the past.  Seeing coverage of the election of the new Pope at the Vatican a few months back, and the details of the escalating instability in North Korea made me think of my recent visits to these places. Both of these […]

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The Best Things to do in New Mexico: A Secret City in the Mountains

Looking for one of the Best Things to do in New Mexico?: A city up in the high desert of New Mexico, unknown to all but a few, select people in the world outside?  An epic secret, hidden from the entire world?  Sound like something out of a movie, or something that your local conspiracy […]

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