Are French People Rude?

Are French People Rude?

French people get a bad rap (particularly those who live in Paris). Nearly everybody that I have talked to that has been to France tells me that they found the French people rude, short or stuck up with them. My sampling pool for these opinions include rookie travelers as well as veteran travelers, so the […]

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Prague castle at dusk

Fabulous Friday Foto: Photos of Prague Castle at Dusk

Prague is a beautiful city, and the crown jewel of it is Prague Castle, rising majestically over the Vltava River. Prague was one of very few European cities that was almost undamaged during WWII, and its fabled spires and cobblestone streets make for an enchanting place to visit.

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A statue of Henry IV next to the Pont Neuf Bridge

Conspiracy, accusations, executions: the Pont Neuf Bridge, the Knights Templar and Friday the 13th

This picture is of the Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris.  It is a lovely spot, just down the Seine River from Notre Dame.  It is unique for the fact that it the oldest bridge in Paris (though not one single stone is original, they have all been replaced at some point or another.) The Pont […]

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A giant Shiva stone at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Looking Down the Road: Tucson Gem Show, part II (Transportation and Parking)

Be sure to check out my other great posts about planning your trip to the Tucson Gem Show here!   This is part two of my series on planning for attending the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, which takes place at the beginning of February each year.  It is the largest gem and mineral show […]

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The Capitol at Night

Top Things to do in Washington DC in Four Hours

Today is my brother’s 15th birthday.  Instead of going out to dinner or staying home and having a cake (which I can imagine is not the most exciting thing for you to do when you are a 15 year old boy and it is your birthday), we decided to fly out to Washington DC for […]

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Portland Oregon Skyline

Looking Down the Road: New Years Eve in Portland, OR?!?!

Our New Years Eve plans may have just taken an abrupt detour. Las Vegas was in the works, but some key elements in our plans didn’t come together and when I started considering the expense and crowds in Las Vegas on New Years Eve, other options started to look more appealing. So, where have we […]

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Segovia Aqueduct

Trip Planning for a Short Trip: How to get the most our of your time

So, lets say you only have  a day or two in a city and you want to make sure you make the most of your limited time.  Or perhaps you have a long layover in an airport and you want to try to see something of the city that you are in. Whether you have […]

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Lake Superior Shore, near Grand Marais

Fabulous Friday Foto: A Photo of Lake Superior

I love how the moss around the shore of Lake Superior is the great orange color.  I think it is a lovely contrast  to the blue water and sky. This is a photo of Lake Superior was taken near Grand Marais, MN. If you are planning a trip to Lake Superior, check out my post […]

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McDonalds Sign in Morocco

Our Love/Hate Relationship with McDonalds While Traveling

There is no escaping it.  Our fast food obsession has spread worldwide and rarely are we able to find a destination without this ever present reminder of all of the things that I dislike about our broken food system in the United States (though this is a topic perhaps for another blog post, or maybe […]

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Monks in Thailand

Looking Down the Road: Two weeks in Thailand

Stay tuned in the next few weeks.  There is some exciting travel that is about to take place.  We are heading for two weeks in Thailand ! Hubby and I area leaving for our first trip to Thailand on New Years Eve.  We will be making a stop in Las Vegas for some New Year’s […]

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Free Walking Tours

The Pros and Cons of Free Walking Tours

It seems like every city we visit in Europe (and many in the United States) now offer free walking tours of the highlights of their city.  These  free walking tours can be a budget friendly way to get a good overview of the city that you are visiting and its people, places and history. There are […]

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Locks of Love in Paris

Fabulous Friday Foto: Locks of Love in Paris

These locks of love in Paris are an appropriate symbol for the city of love. The atmosphere of romance just seeps from the pores of the city, catching you up in its sultry embrace. Lovers put these locks on bridges in Paris, as a symbol of their eternal love. Many of them don’t realize that […]

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Street scene, Latin Quarter, Paris.

Strategies for Budget Dining in Paris

What all of the blogs and forums say about Paris is absolutely true.  It is one of the most expensive cities in the world,  particularly for those of us like me with a husband with a stomach that is like a bottomless pit and a teenage brother traveling with us that seems to need nourishment […]

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Tables full of crystals at the Tucson Gem Show

Looking Down the Road: The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, Part 1 (planning your trip)

Be sure to check out my other great posts about planning your trip to the Tucson Gem Show here! These people range form curious laypeople to professionals in the gem and mineral industry.  The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is the largest gem show in the world, and it draws visitors and vendors from all […]

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A view across the field at Mont St. Michel, France

Fabulous Friday Foto: An Image of Mont St Michel France

The view from our bed and breakfast of Mont St Michel France .  Mont St. Michel is an island just off the northern coast of France with very interesting topography. It is located on a tidal flat, and before the modern causeway way built, people were unable to get on or off the island when […]

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Harvester Restaurant Logo

A review of the Harvester Restaurant Chain in the UK

A suggestion for inexpensive dining in the UK, the Harvester restaurant serves hearty fare at reasonable prices.

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The Temple of Mithras in Basilica San Clemente

Layers of History: Off the Beaten Path-Basilica San Clemente Rome

Our visit to Basilica San Clemente, an off the beaten path destination in Rome, Italy.

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Sunset in Edinburgh, Scotland

Fabulous Friday Foto: Photo of Edinburgh, Scotland

This Photo of Edinburgh was taken at sunset while walking up Castle Hill towards Edinburgh Castle for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.  Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities.  It is filled with beautiful scenery, friendly people and a laid back, welcoming attitude. For more great tips and inspiration for traveling to Scotland, check out these […]

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Seats at the MSP airport

Please don’t be one of “those” people…Flying on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is time for giving thanks.  On this Thanksgiving eve, I am giving thanks for the fact that I am not at work at the airport tonight. I realize that you all have your reasons for traveling on this particularly inauspicious day.  You couldn’t get any extra time off of work or school, your already […]

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