A Our Budget for Thailand for One Week: A Report on the the Cost of Living in Thailand

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Here is a play by play list of all the things that we spent our bahts on while in Thailand.  We visited Thailand in December of 2011 for 8 nights.  I hope that this will give you an idea of how much your trip will cost and allow you to budget for Thailand appropriately.A recount of money spent on a recent trip to Thailand (January 2011) to give you an idea about how to budget for Thailand.


  • One night at Holiday Inn Bangkok: $60 (I was cheating on this one…I used my Holiday Inn Employee discount.  This is not the rate that is available to the general public, but it is actually higher than the rates for many of the local hotels in the Bangkok.)
  • 3 nights at Chiang Dao Nest Resort: $78
  • 2 nights at Top Garden Hotel in Chaing Mai: $22
  • 2 nights at the Chiang Mai Blue House: $22


  • Taxi from airport into Bangkok (60 kilometers): $18.00.  ***We have since discovered that we overpaid.  The meter will usually be less than the flat rate that the drier might offer you.
  • Train to and from Ayutthaya for 2 (about 45 minutes from Bangkok): $2.10
  • Tuk tuk rides to and from ruins in Ayutthaya for 2: $3.50
  • Taxi from central Bangkok to BKK Airport (about 35 km): $15.00
  • Private car from Chiang Mai airpotr to Chiang Mai bus station (a few kilometers): $4.00
  • Bus from Chaing Mai to Chiang Dao for 2: $2.50
  • Bus from Chiang Dao to Chiang Mai for for 2: $2.50
  • Tuk tuk to the edge of Chiang Mai to go hiking: $2.00
  • Tuk tuk rides to and from night market: $4.00
  • Overpriced tuk tuk to airport (because we were in a hurry): $5.00

Thailand-Tuk_tuk budget for Thailand



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  • Breakfast for 2 (Street Food Spring Rolls): $2.00
  • 1 bottle of water: $0.33
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days at Chiang Dao Nest for 2
    people:  $132
  • Lunch at unnamed local restaurant next to river in Chiang Dao for 2: $3.10
  • Street Food dinner for 2: $4.00
  • Snacks and water for hiking purchased at 7-11: $4.00
  • Dinner for one at Just Khao Soi (entree and large bottle of water): $4.00
  • Egg roll and fresh pineapple street food lunch: $2.00
Street food in Thailand budget for Thailand

Street food spring rolls, greek samosas and bananna spring rolls covered in sweetened condensed milk, all served in eco friendly bananna leaf bowls.


  • Nancy Chandler Map of Chiang Mai: $9.00While the scenery was nice, the elephant ride made me sad. The poor elephant did not seem very happy about the whole arrangement.
  • Entry into Doi Suthep Temple and elevator ride for 2: $3
  • 2 hour massage for 2 people at Chiang Dao Nest: $60
  • 2 one hour massages: $12
  • Full day tour to hill tribe village/elephant camp and bamboo rafting for 2 people: $80
  • Full day Thai cooking class for 2 people: $60
  • Bananas for elephants on elephant ride: $2
  • Tips for elephant tour guide: $4
  • 1 hour of massage: $6
  • Entrance to Chiang Dao Cave for 2: $2.75
Our elephant ride in Thailand budget for Thailand

While the scenery was nice, the elephant ride made me sad. The poor elephant did not seem very happy about the whole arrangement.


  • 2 silk ties: $6
  • Wine bottle holder: $3
  • 2 handmade bags: $7.00
  • 5 decorative hair pins: $3.00
  • 8 bars of handmade soap: $12
  • 3 silk scarves at the night market: $9.00
  • Coconut and rosewood water dipper: $2
  • Jade pendant: $3

Total Cost to budget for Thailand for 2 people in Thailand for 8 days (not including airfare): $675.78

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A Our Budget for Thailand for One Week: A Report on the the Cost of Living in Thailand

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  1. I need to do this for Vietnam, but I’m scared to see how much I paid!! One thing I love about Thailand is that you can do lots of activities independently and without a tour, which tends to up the price on things. Vietnam? Not so much…

    Susan May 7, 2012 at 10:39 am #
    • That it interesting…I would have never thought that Vietnam would be expensive!

      Shanna Schultz May 7, 2012 at 3:40 pm #
  2. Hi!! Very informative, thanks! I had the same problem taking the taxi from the airport to Bangkok.. those guys always try to charge a lot! sometimes it’s so difficult to get the real price!!


    Miguel March 22, 2017 at 7:12 pm #
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